Step Into a Modern Boho Home with a Gigantic Waterfall Island
August 8, 2018
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Brace yourself... for all the envious feels. Today's home tour not only has the most gorgeous (and gigantic) waterfall island—it's got the loveliest modern-boho vibe throughout that is just so inviting. Bethany of The Posh Home has truly crafted a welcoming abode that's also realistic and livable, while turning up the volume on pretty. With photography by both Jcqlin's Photography and Jamee Edwards, come along for the full tour in one seriously beautiful gallery!

What would you consider your design style or personality?

I can appreciate a lot of different styles but right now I love a more modern boho design style. I love clean lines paired with a more comfortable boho look.

Can you tell us about your inspiration for your home?

I dreamed of what my kitchen would look like before we moved into our home. I wanted a large island with the waterfall edge as a statement. I wanted an island that could sit at least 5 people and also have lots of space to cook and entertain with. I enjoy cooking regularly for my family and friends so having a functional space is extremely important to me.

The inspiration that drove my living room design was wanting to create a space to entertain in and relax in. It’s a space I created more for my husband and I to entertain in that looks put together (without the kids toys)! The family room is our family space, while the living room is our space.

In designing my bedroom I wanted to create a relaxing retreat for my husband and I. We went with cooler tones to create this space. We also made sure to invest in comfortable bedding and rugs to keep our space cozy.

For our bathroom remodel I wanted to create a modern space that I enjoy going into to get ready for the day and that I can wind down in the evening in. We brightened up the walls and put in pretty mood lighting around the mirrors and mood lighting above the bathtub. Investing in lighting is something that’s very important to me, it makes such an impact in a space. We chose some modern touches with geometric wallpaper, brass mirrors, and wall sconces.

Are there any mistakes you made when decorating or remodeling?

I think the trickiest thing when it comes to remodeling is the unexpected surprises you can’t always plan for. We ran into some roadblocks for our house remodel and addition that the city wouldn’t approve because of our elevation in the floodplain.

Can you talk about designing around a family? Ensuring that the space is beautiful and yet functional for a family?

The key is to make sure you have functional storage. We chose storage baskets and cabinets to hide some of the toys. My daughters can still access everything yet we can put things away easily. It keeps our space cleaner and hides the clutter. I also typically try to choose fabrics that are durable and easy to clean. My lucite bar stools are modern and still functional for kids since they can easily be wiped down. I also have slipcovered dining chairs that have removable covers that can be bleached. Overall, I would say storage, easily to clean surfaces, and fabric that can easily be cleaned are my go to’s for having a functional space for the family.

What stores or online resources are your faves?

I love CB2, World Market, Article, Overstock to name a few!
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Living Room Floating Console & Dining Chairs
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Jamee Edwards Photography
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