A Kid Friendly Home from House of Hire
July 9, 2018
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As an interior stylist with two little ones (and one on the way!) Lauren Elizabeth - stylist and face behind House of Hire - is who I want to be when I grow up. She approaches design with such a relaxed and meaningful style that every room in her home feels intentional and totally authentic to her family. As a mom of three, I can tell you without hesitation that building a home that not only tolerates little kids but that embraces them in a way that allows them to play and jump and make messes the way that kids do, while still being chic and well designed, is no easy feat. But Lauren did just that and the result is a space that is simultaneously magazine worthy and totally livable. Want more? Check out her insta here!
From Lauren Elizabaeth...When I am designing the rooms in our home I really try to keep functionality at the top of the list (despite what my husband thinks at times haha) and how we are planning on using the space. It can be tough at times because there are a lot of really beautiful pieces out there but I think it's important to stay true to how the room is meant to function and build around that. When I keep that in mind it makes it a lot easier for the space to come together and the process is much more enjoyable!
Who do you look to (blogger, designer, etc) for your inspiration? I tend to find inspiration everywhere when it comes to design. Sometimes it's an idea that pops into my head, other times Pinterest is a great place to go to get your creative juices flowing! There are also a lot of amazing designers out there like Studio Mcgee and Emily Henderson that really keep things fun and interesting.
Are there any mistakes you made when decorating? I think there are are always going to be things that you look back on and think you may have done differently.  After all we are always growing and evolving and our tastes do change but I look at that as a good thing in a lot of ways.
In terms of flat out mistakes I would say to always tape off your trim and ceiling when painting - trust me it makes everything much easier!
Can you talk about designing around a family? Ensuring that the space is beautiful and yet functional for a family of five? I think finding that balance between good design and family is always evolving as your family grows.
I am all for the fact that you can have a home you are proud of and have children, it isn't one or the other which I think it can be easy to think in some seasons of life. Doing things like selecting durable, scrubbable fabrics, baskets for toy storage, patterned rugs that hide wear and tear all help you to get a home you love and also one that can handle what a busy family throws at it.
What stores or online resources are your faves? There are so many home decor stores where I love to shop, though I would say I mostly use Homesense and Wayfair as they always tend to have a mix of affordable and current pieces.
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