This Stylish Blue Striped Boy's Bedroom is Kid Goals
July 4, 2018
My little guy is only 15 months and although I do not want to rush time in any way, I'm already saving ideas for all stages of his room as he grows into a sweet young man. This fun bedroom Stephanie Kraus designed for her 8-year-old son, Chris, is now on that list. I was so honored to design along Steph for the One Room Challenge and this bold blue and striped space was one of my very favorite reveals. Feeling all the patriotic vibes today in this cutie room captured by Kyle Born. Check out these other homes that prove patriotic is pretty all year round. Happy 4th friends!
From Stephanie Kraus... I'll be honest it was quite a challenge to design a room for an 8-year old boy while everyone was watching, for the One Room Challenge! Boys this age are past the cute and adorable toddler stage, and too young for a cool hip teen room! Not to mention Christopher has the smallest room in the house, with an awkwardly placed window and door opening that made it hard to place furniture and still leave him room to breathe. In addition he had no interest in redesigning his room. Ha! His only request was that it should be blue. I took a little poetic license and included all of his favorite things in his room ... dogs, sports and gaming!

My goal was to make Chris's room functional, colorful and fun. I also wanted to make sure his room felt authentic to him and not overly decorated, so we used most of his things to style and decorate the space with, which meant rummaging through our basement and garage! Much easier (and less expensive) than most photo shoots.
The jumping off point for the room was this fabulous wallpaper from Milton and King. It was blue, bold and boyish. We applied the wallpaper to only one wall to keep the space from feeling too dark. Chris only has one small window in his room that faces east so it only gets sun in the morning, and I didn't want him to come home after school to a room that feels gloomy and cave-like. I wanted it to be bright and fresh - just like him!

After I made the wall covering selection, I decided on this fabric from Stroheim for the headboard and bed skirt. It comes off the bolt as a vertical pattern, but I had my workroom run it horizontally to provide contrast to the vertical stripes on the wallpaper.
The headboard fabric not only looks great in the space but it's a crypton fabric so it's pretty much indestructible. And if you know Chris you'll know this is vital. I also loved the various blues found in the fabric and thought they paired perfectly with the wallpaper.

Chris' room is super small so storage is at a premium, which is why I chose to do a custom bed skirt vs. a full custom bed with side rails and a foot board. With a bed skirt we have additional hidden storage under the bed where we put out of season clothing, pinnies (so we don't loose them) and his growing collection of sweatshirts!

A custom bed skirt is a fantastic solution for a finished looking bed. A tailored bed skirt like this one doesn't shift, move or drag along the ground like most bed skirts found in retail stores. Once you go custom you can never go back. It's like a perfectly fitted little black dress!
The lamp I selected from Lamps Plus had the variation in the blues that I love. We also purchased a new nightstand and dresser in a grey-washed finish with bronze pulls. The nightstand has a charging station built right in ...SOLD! I mean really ...what 8-year old boy would not be impressed with that?

The washed linen bedding is from Pom-Pom at Home and it's gorgeous. It neutralizes all of the blue and white happening in this part of the room and it infuses the area with a different texture. I added a little dog pillow that I found at High Point because Chris is a huge fan of dogs. The new mattress, box spring and bed frame came from Overstock and are super comfortable!
The backgammon game on the shelf of the night stand is my husband's from when he was a little boy and my kids still play with it. The books on the night stand were found in our basement hoping it may encourage Chris to read a little more at night and play a little less Fortnite. I'll let you know how that works out.

Okay I'm being brutally honest here when I say this Haiku fan is my favorite part of the room because it's Chris' fave. It's super sleek and is operated by remote control so he can control the speed of the fan at night. When specifying interior fans I rarely specify ones that contrast the ceiling color, but in this case I deliberately chose black because I wanted it to be a part of the design. The black also ties into his dresser hardware. This fan has sharp design features and brings some interest to an otherwise boring ceiling!
And how about that monkey print called disco nap from Gray Malin. Chris LOVES it! I was going to put the print above his bed (in a smaller size) but I wanted to spread the cool design elements around the space. I knew the large area next to the bed would be blank and thought it was a perfect spot for my monkey. Chris can lay in bed staring at him every night. What a great way to end your day, right?
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