Get a Look Inside the Coolest Condo in Los Angeles
June 11, 2018
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I haven't watched one episode of Mad Men, but after seeing this condo (inspired by the era of the series) I'm convinced it's probably the best. show. ever. Designer, Lindye Galloway is giving us a fun behind the scenes interview of how this space came together. From the blue accent wall to the eclectic patterns and that kitchen, this condo can only be described with one word: badass. Go on, get pin-crazy in the full gallery captured by Chad Mellon.

1. To start, can you provide some background info on the home?

This boutique style loft is located in a new high rise in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles with views of the Hollywood sign and the Staples Center. It's exterior exudes modern architecture, built by Trumark Urban, and each homeowner is met in the luxurious lobby by a concierge each day before riding up the elevator to their space.

2. What did the space look like before?

It is a brand new building, ground up.

3. Was there anything super top-priority for the clients?

Since this client is planning on using this loft as a second home for entertaining work clients and friends before and after games and concerts at the Staples Center down the street, he wanted the space to feel luxurious, much like a retreat to your favorite hotel. But he also wanted this home to feel trendy and bring in a mid-century feel. In his words, he wanted a "Mad Men" loft.

4. Can you walk me through the design process?

Our client really trusted us on this one and gave us so much creative freedom, which is always makes our job fun! We walked the space to find it's great qualities and well as any quirky ones. We begin to dream up what the space could look like and how it should feel as one of his guests walking in. We wanted to capture the essence of the Mad Men feel but keep every part of the home fresh and modern. We always start our process with our clients by showing them inspiration of our ideas and dreams for the space and then that becomes our launching pad into all the specific furnishings and installations.

5. What was the decor inspiration for the space?

I was inspired by "Mad Men" and that era and wanted to give some nods to that while keeping things trendy and up to date. We wanted to focus on clean lines, unique statement furniture pieces and just the right amount of color with interesting wall features. We wanted to be sure to highlight the view and work with the space's unique features.

6. I love the cool colors used—what was your thought process behind the color scheme?

The colors really were inspired by that era where greens and blues were used a lot. However, I wanted to update those colors with different shades and tones that would make them feel modern to today.

7. There are a lot of geometric elements throughout the home. How did you mix and match these without having them clash?

Mixing patterned statement pieces with geometric elements is a careful balance to make sure they compliment each other and don't clash with each other. I usually always look to mix pieces that have similar qualities with something complimentary about them but that contract in color. That way the pieces don't overpower one another. It always helps to add neutral patterns throughout and make sure that if you use a bold pattern that it's done in a minimal way.

8. Were there any challenges with the decor?

The greatest challenge we faced in designing this loft was the size of the living room/kitchen/dining space. In Downtown LA you pay a lot of money for a small amount of square footage! We needed to make it comfortable but also practical with flow for entertaining a lot of people and add a dining table for small group dinners. So we arranged the furniture to maximize the space and decided to creatively use the window cut out as a seat for one side of the table to save space. With custom cushions, you barely even notice that it's not typical dining!

9. One of the unique features of the home is definitely the blue accent wall with siding. Was that something that was already there or did you add it in? What's the story behind that?

That was something we added! I felt like the space needed something to break up the white modern space and give more interest. This wall was the perfect addition to bring in that texture and color for a little bit of pop and really ground the living room.

10. Lastly, do you have a favorite moment in the home?

I am a big fan of our blue siding wall! I love how it elevates the room while still keeping with the overall style.
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