When the Most Talented Designer Ever Opens Her Own Doors
June 6, 2018
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Heather Balliet is a legend in my world. And I know she probably just cracked up reading that sentence. But it's true. Heather is the brain behind some of my favorite wedding ideas that we have ever shared on Style Me Pretty. So when the amazing team over at Pura Soul Photography popped in for a visit and snapped some seriously amazing pics of Heather's home, you know I'd want to share it just as soon as I possibly could. Because it turns out, Heather's mad chops at designing a wedding translate beautifully to designing her own, classically modern home. Full gallery here.
From the owner, Heather of Amorology... We're known for creating personalized events that really tell the story of our couples. Our design is romantic and eclectic with a touch of playful, which is also reflective in our modern farmhouse home!
As a wedding designer, I wanted my home to be reflective of all of the things that I love, which meant incorporating pops of color and modern elements, and creating an intimate and inviting atmosphere. I wanted a house that my kids could play and have fun in!
We fell in love with it as soon as we saw the ladder and the loft. Tt was the selling point for us but we completely gutted the house from there! As a bunkhouse for the rancher built in the late 1800s, we knew it was a diamond in the rough but had good bones and great potential and we fell for its charm and personality.
It was for sure a home that we could envision raising our children in, and also had the capacity to do weddings on its expansive lawn. We purchased it a little over a year ago and quickly went to work to make it our own!
My husband, Troy, fortunately has building skills and was trained under my dad who was a general contractor and helped us to also renovate and update some of the main areas that needed some extra TLC, like the kitchen and the Master bath.
One of my favorite features in the house is our old vintage bathtub that we had re-enameled - it used to be the bathtub that my grandpa bathed in as a baby and we love that it's found a place in our home now!
We gave the house a clean coat of white on both the exterior and interior to allow the accent colors to really pop agains the background. We brought in warm colorful rugs to liven the original cherrywood floors that Troy whitewashed.
A few words from the Photographers, Devin and Skylar...When we reached out to Heather wanting to connect, she and her family opened their home and their arms to us. We had the best experience during this shoot. Troy brought home fresh tacos from their favorite local taco shop for lunch and we all ate around their kitchen counter. 
By the time we left we had made plans to go camping. Their home is charming and full of personal touches. We were beyond impressed with the details and pops of color that went into every corner. 
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