My Favorite Kitchens of All Time
May 25, 2018
I'm so happy that Style Me Pretty is back up and running. I'm happy for the vendors that we get to showcase. I'm happy for the pretty that we get to preserve. I'm happy for myself that I get to once again, dive into the rabbit hole of the interwebs, saving one beautiful something after another and calling it work. So selfishly, this post is for me. Because I'm currently in the VERY beginning stages of thinking through a kitchen remodel thus, I wanted to visit my list of All-Time Favorite Kitchens and blame it all on Style Me Pretty!
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Amazing, right? Do you recognize any of them? What are your faves?

I go round and round on what I would want my own kitchen to look like. White and clean with touches of golds and blues? Dark and moody with natural wood elements and stark white walls? Aged and well-worn with a antique inspired cabinetry and handmade pottery tucked into every corner? It's a tough call. But here is one of the looks that I'm currently coveting so you can let me know what you think! All sources below!

THE STOVE: The entire vibe for this kitchen really revolves around this epic stove. I don't even want to tell you the dirty things I'd do with this stove. I love it. I think it loves me back and it's a number 1 contender for new kitchen.

The RUG: I have an Anthropologie runner in my current kitchen. I like it. It's a machine made rug that has aged gracefully despite the face that I have three children and two dogs - one of which is a not potty trained puppy. So, I really do appreciate the look that this rug gives without the hefty price tag.

The STOOLS: I love these stools. Always have, always will. I'm 99% sure that whatever look I settle on for my kitchen, it will involve these stools.

The Marble: I know that we can talk about marble until we've lost the ability to think but I do feel that spending the time hunting for that perfect slab is well worth the effort. Every piece of marble is so different. They finish differently. They age differently. They catch light in their own unique way. Just like any other stone, the nuances are so unique to each slab so I will most definitely be putting in the hours that it takes to find the right piece to highlight all of the other elements of our kitchen.

The Lights: Confession. I actually already bought two of these Regina Pendants for our future kitchen. I'm obsessed with them. But, if I were to go in this direction, I would consider swapping them out for these Pottery Barn pendants instead.

The Art. I think that people gravitate towards "Kitchen Art" - herbs, bowls of food, things of that nature. I don't love that approach. I get so happy when I see a small portrait tucked into some open air shelves or a pretty floral piece that brings some color into the space. Art is one of those things that is often totally forgotten about when it comes to kitchens.

The Accessories. Aside from art, I have a love affair of little trinkets that I can find that will make my kitchen feel like mine. After my last trip to Brimfield (an amazing flea and antique market here in New England), I came back with some blue and white Blue Willow Pottery, 2 enormous round bread boards just like in the picture above and a few other little odds and ends that now sit happily in my own kitchen. LOVE love love the look of bread boards on the wall, a pretty candle burning near the sink and a gorgeous table set with White Dishes and Gold Flatware (I have six sets...which is embarrassing).

So tell me in the comments below...what does YOUR dream kitchen look like?