5 Things To Do in the First Month of Baby's Life
April 2, 2018

The first month of baby's life is filled with a plethora of emotions. You want time to stand still so you can soak in every sweet smile and coo—but at the same time, you also look forward to the months ahead of watching your little one grow, roll, crawl, walk and talk (and longer stretches of sleep!). It's truly a special time that goes by in the blink of an eye. Here are a few things that we did in the first month of our babe's life that I'm so happy I did with my own little one.

Newborn Session

Booking a newborn session isn't something you can necessarily plan on with an unknown arrival date, but it's always a good idea to get in touch with a photographer well in advance and aim for a 2-3 week window around your due date. Make sure to capture that sweet bundle in the first few weeks. You'll want to remember these moments!

Get Out

One thing I'm so glad my husband and I did in the first month of our baby's life, was to simply get out. It kept us feeling human and actually gave us a bit of energy on the tough days. It may seem super intimidating to bring your little one out into the big world—but as long as you've got a stocked diaper bag, it's easy peasy. Make sure to feed and change you bub before you head out the door!

Balance Family Time + Visitor Time

Easier said than done, I know! Everyone is going to be super excited to meet your little one, but make sure to give yourself enough alone time as a family in that first month. This goes for those few days you're in the hospital, too! Becoming a parent (even a second or third time around) can be overwhelming as you get to know your new baby. There's often a lot of pressure to allow visitors into your hospital room or home right away, but those visits may come with advice (sometimes unwanted), lots of pass-the-baby and excitement, all of which can be quite draining on your already depleted energy levels. Know that it's OK to want to be alone! My husband and I only requested immediate family to come visit and for short periods of time. And when we got home, we kept our visits very minimal those first couple of weeks. It was such a nice time to fully soak in our newest family member and get to know him.

Write Your Baby a Letter

As I mentioned in my intro, that first month is alll the feels. It's the perfect time to write a letter to your baby and tuck it away for them to read when they're older.

Write Out Your Birth Story

There will be things you want to remember about childbirth and things you tuck in the corner of your brain and try to forget! But I promise, the good moments trump the bad. Writing out a birth story is such a wonderful way to release all of those sporadic feelings you have in that first month—it's almost therapeutic. I'm so glad I wrote down every tiny little detail of mine and to this day, reading it brings me back instantly.