6 Ways To Layer Color in a Home with All-White Walls
March 28, 2018
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Time and again, I hear people talking about white behind it's back... It's too boring. Not enough character!, they say. But I see so much potential in a blank canvas. A fresh slate that allows you to layer in your style through colorful decor—not to mention, allows for easy updating as your look as your personal taste evolves. The gorgeous scenes below are proof and we're sharing a handful of ways you can give your white room a pulse, with color.

Area Rugs

Not only are area rugs great for anchoring a room, but they are such a fun way to liven up your floors! If you're working with a vibrant or loud pattern, let your rug be the statement in the room and choose more subtle, neutral furniture. This space designed by Barbara Town nails it.


Vice versa, if you incorporate happy hued furniture pieces, go for a neutral rug with more breathing room—or, go sans rug. Barbara Town let these blue beauties shine on their own and they truly command the room.


Feeling intimidated by art? I'm with you. I've found that including colorful art in a room typically works best if you keep the rest of the pieces in the same color family, like in this living room. It can also be really fun to frame fabrics as well if fine art or photography isn't your thing!


From pillows to drapery, there are plenty of ways to weave in color through textiles. Not finding what you want? Have something custom made in your favorite fabric!


From books to beads and everything in between, use decor to infuse color into your space. Tip: Rather than adding colorful pieces into your existing design, remove all decor and start fresh by adding in vignettes one at a time.

Florals & Greenery

The quickest (and most pleasant) way to add a dash of color? With florals and/or greenery! You can also create really lovely long-term arrangements with silk flowers as well.