Art is at the Heart of The Cartorialist's Los Angeles Loft
March 12, 2018
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Meet the cool Los Angeles loft of artist Carly Kuhn, A.K.A. The Cartorialist. She teamed up with Hutch to design her bright and airy California home. Pairing her signature art with mid-century pieces and layers of relaxed neutrals, this space is guaranteed to inspire a gallery wall or two. Take the full tour right here.
Carly Kuhn, Artist and Founder of The Cartorialist, has lived in her Larchmont loft space for about a year but never fully settled in its layout. 
She had an idea of what she was going for, what pieces she wanted to feature within the space, but she explains “it was difficult to conceptualize the entire design and layout without seeing everything together.”
Rather than a traditional interior designer experience, Carly used Hutch as she notes it "gives you the tools to almost become your own designer on your own timeline."
" This allowed me to visualize how everything would look together in my space, which was helpful when figuring out an open concept style apartment. Overall, using Hutch has made me confident and excited about my space which now truly feels like home."
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How would you describe your interior design style? Does it reflect the style of your art in any way? California relaxed, neutrals with hints of mid-century modern and eclectic art accents... I think the way I approach the design of my home is similar to the way I approach my work: both with a sense of spontaneity and acting off gut feelings. When I sit down to draw or paint, I don’t really have a set plan... I kind of just go. I approach my home in a similar way, I start with the basics which tend to be neutrals but then build off of that from a place of instinct.

What were the biggest challenges you faced when designing your home? What was the easiest part? I think anytime you move into a new space, it always feels like a puzzle and you need to give it time to find what feels right. The challenge was figuring out what the best setup was for this space and that was especially difficult since I was working with an open floor plan. I would say the easiest part was that I did come with my main big neutral pieces that fit seamlessly into the space and so I didn’t have to make any major purchases.

What’s your favorite item or area and why? What I love about my space is that it’s an open concept with a lot of natural light. I tend to bop around the apartment on any given day and work from different areas, depending on my mood. I have a lot of staple pieces that I do work from the most. First, my two large Croft House chairs in my living room. Not only do I love them, but pretty much any time I have friends over, they immediately head to the chairs. My bed is also not the worst place to work. It’s like one big cloud. Lastly, I love my new dining table benches that I found through Hutch! I had cheap dining room chairs before, which weren’t too stable! The benches are sturdy, functional and look great in the space... I may be Cartorializing them with some faces soon.