6 Exceptional Party Ideas for Your Child's Next Birthday
March 8, 2018
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Whether it's their first birthday or their tenth, planning your kid's birthday can be a daunting task. Draw inspiration from these six incredibly creative birthday parties to plan a dashing fête for your little one.

Let's Flamingle
If your child won't leave the house without their stuffed-animal fox or beloved elephant shirt, consider making their favorite animal the star of their birthday party this year! Flamingoes were everywhere at this 2-year-old's birthday party, and guests were invited to "flamingle." Decorations, invitations, desserts, games, and your child's party outfit are prime spots to feature their favorite animal.

Gone Fishing

What better way to celebrate your kiddo's next birthday than sharing his favorite activity with friends? In addition to fishing, this party included themed snacks (like Goldfish and gummy worms), camping-inspired décor, and skipping stones as favors. If fishing isn't your family's style, consider centering your child's birthday around another activity like baking, rock climbing, or painting.

Wild and Free in the Woodlands
This little girl's birthday featured birch, succulents, and lots of woodland creatures! Donning a flower crown and grin from ear to ear, the 4-year-old blew out her candles, which closely resembled a campfire when surrounded by the cutest deer, fox, and raccoon. From the striped teepees to the mason jars of lemonade, your child's birthday will certainly be wild and free after taking notes from this féte.

The Paper Bag Princess
This 2-year-old's parents gave the classic princess-themed birthday a unique twist by featuring their daughter's favorite book—The Paper Bag Princess, by Robert Munsch. Desserts included cookies printed with the character's exclamations, cake pops of her face "wearing" a paper bag dress, and a castle cake complete with a dragon and the birthday girl dressed as the princess. Drawing inspiration from your child's favorite book is sure to make for an especially sentimental birthday.

Winter One-Derland

Use your baby's birth month to inspire a seasonal first-birthday féte—winter one-derland is just too good a pun to pass up! Although the rest of the year might not offer as many witty wordplay options, every month presents opportunities for a themed birthday party. If your child was born in August, consider a backyard barbecue or trip to the beach with family! Are they a Halloween or Valentine's Day baby? Break out the jack-o-lanterns and candy hearts! No matter the time of the year, seasonal birthdays are a timely way to celebrate another year with your little one.

A Little Gem

These parents celebrated their "little gem" with everything geometric—including DIY kaleidoscope favors, gem-shaped cookies, and origami notes for her to open on her 18th birthday. If your toddler is just learning about different shapes, why not center their birthday on a specific one in all colors, shapes, and sizes? From invitations to decorations, there's no element of your child's birthday that can't be geometrically festive!

Style Me Pretty Contributor - Morgan Chamberlain is a freelance writer and social media consultant for wedding vendors in New England. She believes weddings are all about sentimental details, cohesive décor, and a well-chosen playlist to keep the party going!