Pro Tips for Effective Spring Cleaning + Organizing
March 6, 2018
How ToHome
As the warmer weather starts to roll in, so does the desire to revamp your space! Organizing and de-cluttering can be therapeutic and help you put your best foot forward for the start of a new season.

We reached out to Marissa Hagmeyer from NEAT Method to help provide some tips and tricks to giving your space a fresh spring clean!
Organize these key areas first
"Having an organized entry-way and kitchen is always a game changer. These are the places that we typically see as soon as we enter the house so keeping them free of clutter sets a tone for your home," she says.

Follow these steps to organized perfection
"At NEAT Method, we use five easy steps to get to create the perfectly organized space and system:

1. Take Everything Out
2. Categorize and Edit
3. Color-code and/or Alphabetize
4. Purchase Organizational Solutions
5. Implement and Label"

Tools needed
Purchase some bins or baskets to contain items that typically just sit loosely and get lost at the back of your shelves. "Bins, baskets, containers and of course labels are essentials tools for every organizing project," says Melissa. Don't forget to label your bins/baskets. This will ensure that everyone in your home can maintain your system of organizing!

"Wait to buy anything until you've done the organizing - trust us it will save you a lot of time and money. The only tool you will want to have on you ahead of time is some trash bags, one for items you decide to toss and one for items you want to donate," she said. Have a donation bag in your closet to collect those pieces that you put on time and time again and never seem to end up wearing.

Pro tip
Start small! After seeing the transformation of a small space or closet you will have all of the motivation you need to keep tackling additional areas of your home," explains Melissa.

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