5 Things To Do on a Friday for a More Relaxing Weekend
February 23, 2018
At Work
I think we can all agree that weekends are just too short, and when you've got too much on your plate—they can feel even shorter and much more stressful. That's where having a Friday game plan comes in! From getting to inbox zero to writing out your grocery list for the week ahead, here are five quick to dos that will make your weekend siesta free of stress.

Prioritize your email inbox.

No one likes a full inbox on a Monday morning! Make an effort to sort through all new incoming emails on Friday and prioritize for the following week. Labels and 'multiple inboxes' are great tools to use to stay organized. That way, you aren't bombarded by Friday's email load AND the incoming weekend and Monday morning batch.

Write out your grocery list.

First things first, get ahead for the upcoming week by meal planning on weekends. Then, take it a step further and write out that grocery list on FRIDAY. It can be challenging to implement a meal planning routine, but if you already have your list set that means you're ready to head to the grocery store whenever you need on the weekend, without having to write that list out.

Take care of business.

Need to drop a package at the post office? Schedule an appointment for the following week? Take care of anything that requires a business that is only open Monday through Friday 9-5. Because really, weekends shouldn't be spent doing business-y things anyway.

Map out your weekend.

Staying one step ahead with weekend plans takes the stress out of the process and lets you enjoy the experience that much more! It's as simple as making reservations for your favorite restaurant, so you don't have to wait—or mapping out the route for the concert you're heading to so you know when you have to leave the house (and how long you have to get ready!).

Ease into the weekend like...

Try to avoid stacking your plate full of to-dos on Fridays. After all, the weekend is too short anyway, right? Ease into the weekend with casual Friday workwear or plan a fancy lunch outing with a co-worker or friend.