5 Things You Should Get Rid of Before Baby Arrives
February 19, 2018

While it is SO much fun to plan and design baby's nursery, it's super important to make sure your sweet one's space will be functional for all of the not-so-pretty moments... from naps to nighttime feeds and diaper changes 'round the clock. Today, we're chatting with Lisa of YouthfulNest on exactly how to do that and what you should get. rid. of. I wish I would have known about #2 before my baby was born—nap time would have been way easier!
From Lisa of YouthfulNest... Planning for baby is an exciting time that comes with a whole lotta decision making. Many of those decisions are made regarding setting up the nursery. While this is an opportunity to design a stylish room, YouthfulNest designers understand it is a unique space, unlike any other you have in your home. It needs to be highly functional at all hours of the day and night. Dark and light. So before you start making all those decisions, here are some of our expert recommendations on getting ready for baby.


1. Clear the Way

This baby has already taken over your body, next it will be your home. Whether you have a separate baby room or the baby will be sleeping in your bedroom, you want to have a clear path from your side of the bed to the crib. Remove all floor items that might be potentially trip hazards like storage bins, loose rugs or that bench at the end of the bed that sticks out just enough for you to stub your toe as you make a made dash to pick up your crying baby.


2. Send them Packing

You bought your home because you love all that natural light that fills the rooms right? Well, it’s time take down and pack up those chic wispy curtains in the room where the baby will be sleep.

Replace lightweight window treatments with blackout options for daytime naps. Darkness allows our bodies to release melatonin, a hormone that induces sleep – trust us you want to make the most of blackout curtains or anything else that will keep and extend baby’s slumber.


3. Lights Out

Along the lines of having a dark room for superior sleep this piece of advice also aims to keep you and baby a bit more in the dark. As a new mother you’ll be making various trips into the nursery in the middle of the night, half asleep, to care for baby. A blast of light from an overhead fixture might help you see what you’re doing, but it won’t help you or the baby fall back to sleep easily. Instead you want a kiss of light to get you through. Swap out harsh lighting from over head fixtures and task lamps and instead introduce more ambient lightening. You can see what you’re doing, but not over stimulate yourselves. We recommend installing a dimmer switch for the main overhead fixture and choose task lighting with low-light setting options. All of these softer settings will keep both baby and mommy in a more drowsy state, finding it easier to fall back asleep after every feeding or changing.

4. Out with the Old

Your newborn will grow quickly right before your eyes and around 3 months old you’ll start doing something called “tummy time”. Well, not you exactly, your baby. Basically you lay your tiny babe awake on the floor, on their tummy, face down which encourages them to lift their head, helping strengthen their head, neck and shoulder muscles and boost motor skills.

For this and for every other moment you are on the floor with your baby for any reason (which will be a lot) we say banish the old, carpet or rugs and bring in the new. There are wonderful brands that make beautiful kid’s machine washable rug styles to maintain a healthy surface. Perfect for the nursery and other areas in your home.


5. Shake it Off

Lastly, rid your baby brain self of the need to have the “perfect” nursery. Simply, look to make your space personal and comfortable for you and other caregivers. Designing a nursery should be fun and ultimately make you feel more confident to care for your newborn.

Lisa Janvrin is the founder of YouthfulNest.com, an online interior design experience dedicated to bringing confidence and convenience to the modern parent through services for their baby or child’s room. Lisa has 20+ years as a design expert.