3 Common Fears Women Have + How To Overcome Them
February 16, 2018
If ever there were a time for women to stand up against their fears and crush them, now would be it. We all have fears (even you, guys!) but today, we're talking with life coach, Yana German about those that affect women a bit more directly—and more importantly, how to conquer and overcome them.

1. Am I good enough?

This is one of the most common questions that I discuss with my clients. A lot of women feel they need to be perfect in every aspect of their lives: parenthood, marriage, work, and home—just to name a few. This results in a lot of self-doubt, feeling like a failure and even depression.

How To Overcome

Allow yourself to acknowledge that you are not in charge and that you are simply a student in life trying to learn and take life as it comes. Try to remember the things you are grateful for. When you wake up in the morning write it down and read it out loud 3 times to train your mind to be more kind towards yourself.

Whenever you start questioning yourself or start describing yourself with shameful words, write them down on a piece of paper until you can’t think if anything else. Once you’re done tear it apart. This will help you let go of any negative thoughts or unrealistics expectations.

2. Speaking to be a big audience.

Women often express fear of speaking to bigger audiences. Whether it’s speaking in a male dominated workplace, or simply giving a toast at a wedding, here are some tips on how to conquer this fear.

How To Overcome

Take Up More Room - When we are feeling self-conscious, we naturally tend to become “smaller.” We want to shrink away into the room so that nobody notices us. This means we may hunch over, hide in a corner and cross our arms and legs until we almost disappear. If you are standing, take a wider stance than usual, put your arms on your hips. If you are sitting with a desk in front of you, use your arms to take up space. This will make you feel more powerful and instantly give you more confidence during your speech.
Stand Up Straight - Curving your back with fallen shoulders shows that you are either feeling down or unsure of yourself. By standing straight with your shoulders back you not only start to feel better about yourself, but it is the best pose for your back. Having good posture is relaxing because it feels good and it helps you fill your lungs with air so that you are able to speak easier.

Make Eye Contact - Nothing gives away your fear more than not looking at the person/people you are speaking to. Whether you are speaking to 2 people are 2,000 people, look at the audience and try and make eye contact with them. Not only does this make you seem more confident, but you begin to realize that they are just people like you and there is nothing to be afraid of.

3. Body Image.

This is one fear that unites all women. We might have different levels of confidence but we all sometimes feel insecure about our bodies.

How To Overcome

Walk with confidence. Try to build your confidence instead of trying to follow crazy diet plans. The first thing we notice about a person without even realizing it is their walk. Walk as if you know exactly where you’re going. Shy and insecure people tend to look around a lot and follow someone closely from behind. Try adding a slight swing to your hips as you walk crossing one leg over the other. Not only does it boost your confidence it also contrasts your abdomen muscles which is extra bonus.