7 Things You Can Check Off the To Do List While Baby Naps
February 12, 2018

From the sleepy newborn stage to energetic toddler mania, life is never quite the same with a little around the house. There's no doubt that routines get thrown out the door and survival mode is on most of the time. So, taking advantage of the free time you do get (a.k.a. nap time) is a skill to be mastered. Plus, when your baby does finally nap, you might feel at a loss of what to actually do (I know I'm not alone in this)—so grab this little list and enjoy your baby-free time!

Give Your House a Quick Blitz

You know how you can completely blitz your house when unexpected company is on the way? You can totally do that when baby naps, too. Make it a fun little challenge for yourself to see how much you can actually get done in 15-20 minutes. You'll be surprised how much you can get done and those quick cleaning blitzes will help you stay on top of things.

Fold a Load of Laundry

This really goes without saying... because: so. much. laundry. with. a. baby. But yes, my #1 chore while my son naps is usually laundry! It's so much easier to stay on top of the piles by just doing a small load (or two) every single day.

Call a Mama Friend

Feeling like you're not quite rocking this mama thing today? The best medicine is a little mama talk. Motherhood can feel isolating at times, especially when you're home alone with baby. Having a support group is so, so important!

Take a Break

Catch some quick zzz's if you can or take some time to relax on the couch with a few favorite magazines. It's so important to recharge and give your mind a break from baby and the to do list!

Freshen Up

Getting ready for the day will never quite be the same. Sometimes, it will be non-existent—maybe a quick toothbrush session and hair combing is all you'll get. But that's what nap time is for my friends... and dry shampoo, duh.

Go Shopping

My mama life is infinity easier with online shopping. Amazon Prime is my best friend. Low on diapers? Click. Laundry detergent low? Click. Need a new nursing bra? Click. I'd rather have box overload on trash day than trek my little around everywhere to stock up on supplies.

Have an Uninterrupted Meal or Snack

Refuel in peace mamas. 'nuf said.