3 Benefits of Waking Up 30 Minutes Earlier than Usual
February 6, 2018
One of my goals this month: wake up 30 minutes earlier every day. My 11 month old who is going through teething is helping with that, except it's more like 3 hours early... but really though, what would you do with an extra 30 minutes every day? Life Coach, Yana German is joining us today to inspire a bit of morning motivation with three benefits of rising before the usual alarm.

Gives you time for self-awareness.

Instead of rushing through the door and critiquing yourself, give yourself 5 minutes for Mirror self-love to feel more confident and comfortable. Start from staring into your own eyes, go up to your forehead, back to your eyes and to the rest of the body. This exercise will give out a signal to your brain to be fully aware of the body so you become fully present in your own skin and ready for the day.


Waking up just a little bit earlier reduces your stress level significantly. Instead of trying to figure out where your keys are or leaving home hungry, those 30 extra minutes can eliminate the feeling of being rushed. As a result this allows you to start your day on an optimistic and positive note.


Most of us usually leave our house in chaos: you might forget to pack a lunch for your child, you did not have time for a cup of coffee, or perhaps you forgot the presentation you’ve been working on all night. Extra time in the morning allows you to organize your thoughts and set meaningful goals for the day ahead.