14 Ways to Treat Yourself This Valentine's Day
February 2, 2018
Valentine's DayHoliday
Who needs a Valentine when you have you? Treat yo'self to one of these 14 small luxuries this February 14!
1. Take an Instagram-worthy bath.
I'm talking about those baths with candles, mood music, bubbles, and a glass of wine. Leave your phone on silent in another room and refill the hot water until you're so relaxed you might fall asleep submerged. Use lavender-scented bath products to wash all your stress away.

2. Go see that movie you've been wanting to see.
You know, that movie that's been on your list since the previews first came out? That one you've told everyone in the office you want to see, but you never make time to see it? Buy a ticket and go! Escape for a few hours into a tear-inducing drama, a laugh-out-loud comedy, or a cultured documentary. You deserve it.

3. Or host your own movie marathon.
Maybe you a have a whole list of movies to meant to see. (All the Oscar-nominated best pictures, anyone?) Park yourself on the couch in your favorite pajamas and watch them all, guilt-free!
4. Drink a nice bottle of wine.
No two buck Chuck for this holiday. Whether it's wine, or champagne, or sparkling water, treat yourself to your favorite bottle and enjoy the whole darn thing.

5. Buy a fancy workout package.
Whether it's Soul Cycle or Barry's Boot Camp, invest in some classes that will empower you. Loving your body is one of the best ways to love yourself. And that's probably the best kind of love on Valentine's Day.

6. Get the shoes – or the bag – or the earrings.
Don't forget to buy a gift! Take the money you would've spent on someone else, and treat yourself to something on your wish list. You can always treasure it as a gift from someone special – you.
7. Cuddle with your dog.
Studies show petting or cuddling a dog for 30 minutes is good for your heart. Your heart rate will actually slow to match your pet's, which will leave you more relaxed. If you're feeling anxious about Feb. 14, grab your pup (or a friend's) and give her a long hug!

8. Hit the spa.
Schedule a date night with your favorite masseuse, manicurist, or esthetician. Then take extra time to enjoy the amenities with a glass of bubbly.

9. Read a book.
Unplug for the evening and savor a good story. This is your chance to escape into another world – no email, phone, or passport required. No doubt, your Valentine's Day will have a happy ending.
10. Buy your favorite desserts – and eat them all.
Valentine's Day = an excuse to eat as much chocolate (or cake, or ice cream, or candy, or whatever) as you want! Find a cute little bakery and stock up on everything that catches your eye – or your sweet tooth.

11. Call your Grandmother.
You know that warm feeling you get when you reconnect with someone you love? Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to remember someone special in your life. A phone call is the best Valentine your Grandmother will get.

12. Do something you love.
Carve out the evening for your favorite hobby. Light candles and play the guitar. Paint an abstract piece for your living room. Cook a three-course meal for yourself. You get to do whatever you want on your night, so spend it doing the thing you love most.
13. Make a reservation.
Somewhere you've always wanted to try. Go alone or ask a few friends to splurge on a memorable meal at a chic restaurant. Who says dinner dates are only for couples? Enjoy the Valentine-themed centerpieces and complimentary champagne!

14. Tell yourself how amazing you are.
For the record, you are beautiful, talented, intelligent, and loved. Take a minute this Valentine's Day to remind yourself just how special you are.

No matter how you plan to spend your holiday, it's going to be amazing – because it's with you.

Style Me Pretty Contributor - Madeline Littrell is a corporate PR strategist and freelance writer. Born and raised in the South, she loves big hair, country music, and chicken fingers. Madeline plans to spend Valentine's Day in Dallas with her Sheltie puppy, Tennessee.