A Bedroom Refresh That Works With Even the Smallest of Budgets
January 31, 2018
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Looking to give your bedroom a pretty little revamp without completely breaking the bank? If a complete overhaul is not in the cards, look no further than these easy tricks from Becky at Daly Digs. Using the power of paint, a floorplan rearrange and new accessories among other things, that sweet space where you lay your head can feel good as new. Take the full tour of Becky's farmhouse master bedroom captured by Roohi Photography plus grab her tips for a refresh on the cheap all below.
After moving into our fixer-upper farmhouse over a year ago, the master bedroom was first on the to-do list but after living in the space I was already craving a new look. Although we were in a new home, the master bedroom did not feel fresh - the furniture was carried over and we even painted the walls a similar color as our last house.
As the style identity of our home began to manifest, I just felt the master bedroom did not fit. However, with an endless project to-do list, we couldn't afford to purchase a whole new bedroom so I'd have to get creative.
By painting the walls, repainting our vintage nightstands, changing the floor plan, purchasing new bedding, reupholstering our bed and swapping out the rug, we have a completely new look in our master bedroom that didn't break the bank. Along the way, I learned a few things about using what you have and putting your dollars where you can get the biggest bang for your buck.
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How to refresh a bedroom without breaking the bank...

Change the floorplan. The first thing we did was re-arrange the layout of the furniture and moved the bed to a different wall. Even small changes to layout can make a difference. If you're not using a piece of furniture in your space, try moving it to a new location in the room - or move it out altogether.

Paint. Paint is the most affordable way to make the biggest change to any space. Change the wall color. Get creative with trim. Paint existing furniture. Whatever it is, if you're looking to freshen up a space, paint should be the first thing you consider. The black nightsands in our bedroom use to be bright aqua believe it or not. I repainted them black and changed the hardware and they look completely different.

Give the bed some attention. The bed is the largest piece in any bedroom. You don't have to get a new bed to refresh a room. Get new bedding. Add a throw blanket or new pillows. If you have an upholstered bed, have it reupholstered in a new fabric. All of the above is much more affordable than purchasing a new bed. In our space we changed out the gray upholstery for a khaki linen, changed the bedding and added new accent pillows.

Consider a new rug. A rug is a great way to set the tone for a space. Rugs take up a lot of visual space in a room so by adding or swapping your rug, you immediately change the look of a space.

Accessorize. Don't forget the details. Changing or adding new accessories to a space can make a huge impact. Incorporate some artwork. Change up your nightstand styling with new lamps and accessories. Lastly, add greenery to your room! Nothing makes a room feel more alive then adding a plant (or two).