How To Declutter Your Digital Life
January 25, 2018
New Year ChallengeAt Work
As the saying goes... outer order leads to inner calm. But decluttering shouldn't just be in our homes—especially when most of us spend a decent portion of our day on digital platforms. It's much easier to avoid a cluttered email inbox than it is a sink full of dirty dishes, but that heavy inbox can weigh on you more than you know. Here's a short list of ways to declutter your digital life this month!

Smart Phone + Tablet

Get rid of any apps you don't use.

Delete any contacts you don't need.

Delete old voicemails and texts that eat up space.

Delete unwanted photos or videos.

Organize your photos and sync across all devices.

Update your apps and software.



Get to inbox zero.

Create labels to help organize your email categories.

Create a default out of office to use at a moments notice.

Unsubscribe with

Get in the habit of deleting emails you don't need right away or archiving them in labels.


Clean up your desktop files (did you know a full desktop can slow down your computer?!).

Deleted unused applications.


Social Media

Unfollow accounts you don't have interest in anymore.

Update your profiles.