10 Date Night Ideas When It's Way Too Cold To Go Outside
January 16, 2018
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Welcome to January. It's the month when we wear more and go out less. We start researching slow cooker recipes. We note the temperatures – and our bank accounts – have dropped dramatically.

When all we want to do is stay in and cuddle, it's easy to do nothing except watch 1,000 hours of Netflix. But, with a little creativity, this can be the month for you to get cozy together and connect on a deeper level.

Feel free to steal these at-home date ideas – or use them to inspire your own!

Find your favorite red wine and dark chocolate.
Grab a few different bottles of wine and various brands of dark chocolate. Then host your own wine and chocolate tasting at home! Take turns talking through which ones you like and why. Bonus: dark chocolate is an aphrodisiac!

Try a new recipe.
Research some recipes you both want to try, then work together in the kitchen. Don't be afraid of a challenge! Learning a new skill together is a bonding experience – and you'll probably laugh a lot along the way.

Play 21 questions.
Write 21 questions each and place them in a jar or vase. Then take turns drawing and answering questions. You'll learn so much about each other! Careful what you ask – you might end up picking your own question!

Bake brownies in mugs.
Take your standard box brownies to another level! After mixing the batter, pour it into your favorite oversized mug and bake in the oven. Mugs are easier to hold, which makes cuddling with dessert a LOT easier. Don't forget the ice cream on top!

Watch an old movie.
Pick a classic movie you haven't seen in forever and rarely make time to watch. Gone with The Wind is a great option! Pop popcorn, pour your favorite candies into little bowls, and settle in for a cultured evening!

Plan and old-fashioned game night.
How long has it been since you played Monopoly? Grab a deck of cards. Hunt down those old board games you used to love. And let your competitive side dominate!

Drink spiked hot chocolate.
Hot chocolate is the best cure for cold weather! Add your favorite liquor (try this recipe) and curl up under a blanket. A few of these will no doubt heat up your date night...

Create a vision board.
Couples who craft together, laugh together, amirite? All you need are old magazines, scissors, glue sticks, and a small foam board. Cut out anything that inspires you or represents your goals for 2018 and paste them into a collage on your board. Then take turns describing your vision board and what your best life will look like this year! Talking about your dreams (and maybe even your future together) will give you a chance to support each other on a whole new level.

Eat breakfast in bed.
Who says breakfast is just for the morning? Whip up some waffles, fruit, bacon, and eggs – and end the day with a cozy meal under the sheets. I might substitute wine for my coffee...

Dance in your socks.
Find a playlist (bonus points for creating your own) and have your own dance party! Whether you're trying some new salsa moves or slowing it down with some romantic requests, you'll feel MUCH more connected than staring at a TV screen.

After these cozy date nights, you might just be wishing for another month of too-cold weather. Just kidding...bring on patio season!
Stay warm, friends.

Style Me Pretty Contributor - Madeline Littrell is a corporate PR strategist and freelance writer. Born and raised in the South, she loves big hair, country music, and chicken fingers. Madeline lives in Dallas with her Sheltie puppy, Tennessee.