5 Must-Haves for the Coziest Bedroom Ever
January 16, 2018
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When it comes to home priority lists, it seems the bedroom always gets put on the back burner. It's simply a room you sleep in, right? Wrong. The power of a well-designed bedroom has the potential to start your day off on the right foot and end it with a welcoming, serene vibe. Today, we've invited the team at SAGE Interior Design to share their tips on how to give yours ALL the cozy feels and this one they designed for one of their clients is EXACTLY that. See it all laid out in the full gallery captured by Freebird Photography!

Luxe Bedding

The best way to get a good nights sleep? Invest in amazing bedding! We used all white bedding from Parachute Home and it was one of the best decisions we made for our clients. They are always telling us how they never want to leave their bed because they are so comfortable! The 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton is crisp, clean and livable and gets softer with every wash. Parachute Home is hands-down our favorite bedding on the market!

White Furniture

White furniture is a modern style staple that is never considered a “trend." You can’t go wrong with white furniture in any room of the house, especially the bedroom. White evokes feelings of airiness and cleanliness because it’s calming, simple, and timeless. You can add in pops of color through throw pillows & blankets, artwork and even wallpaper (another favorite of ours right now!).

Natural Pieces

With so much white & blue in this room, we wanted to break it up by adding in natural, warm textures like the woven chandelier and baskets. These pieces will never go out of style and blend in perfectly with the rest of the room. The chandelier is also very structurally interesting and draws the eye up when you enter the room. Plus it gives the room that extra coastal feeling we were going for!


Add a natural + warm look to the your space by adding in leather! Leather adds a modern and also natural look to a room, Bonus: authentic leather wears beautifully with age. One of our favorite leather items for the bedroom? Using poufs at the end of the bed to be used for extra seating that can easily be moved over to your reading chair to act as a footrest! We also tied leather into other side of the bedroom by adding rich leather straps to natural wood to create a book shelf for the reading nook. If you take a close look at the rug you can also see there is leather woven into it as well!


One of favorite ways to create a dream bedroom is through the use of plants! We always incorporate two plants into every room: one floor plant and one smaller plant that can sit on a table or shelf. Plants not only bring color and life into a room but they can also help fill in those empty spaces where nothing else would work. Bonus: plants naturally clean our air so of course we want them in our bedroom!
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