This Home Could Write the Playbook on Colorful Living
January 15, 2018
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It's no easy feat to design a space that's calm and cozy yet bursting with color. This Houston abode designed by Barbara Town hits the mark. Take a tour through this gorgeous space filled with texture and color, art work and beautifully executed bookshelves all captured by Laura Dominguez. It is guaranteed to give you that extra push to ditch the beige and walk on the colorful side.
This 100 year old home comes complete with original flooring, molding and archways. When blended with a soft, yet colorful bohemian design, this house comes to life and is perfect for this Houston family of 5. We created an overall design concept that gave this space a soft, sophisticated and finished look.
The client has a love for washed colors, subtle patterns and modern finishes (think Anthropologie meets West Elm). They had a handful of the core pieces, but needed help finishing up the four major downstairs spaces.
In the Family Room, we wanted to make this space feel just as special as the rest of the house, but being that this was a room that the family LIVED in on the daily, we needed to be careful with how many light colors we used.
Keeping the larger furniture pieces more neutral, we were able to pull in fun patterns and color with the rug, decorative pillows, artwork and accessories.
This beautiful bradded denim rug grounded the whole room and really pulled everything together. Along the long back wall we were able to give the family even more storage with this floating credenza, finishing off the space with colorful artwork and a few accessories.
This unique Dining Room includes not only space for dining, but has a small niche that is perfect for the kids table. Being that the client entertains a lot, we wanted to keep this space functional and fun. 
The freshly painted white table and white molded chair allow for easy clean up, while the bright blue rug and gallery wall mixed with artwork and family photos add a pop of color.
The mid-century buffet and two lucite consoles create the perfect space to place trays of drinks or snacks while guests are over and allow for some fun accessories during everyday use.
This home has a long transitional entryway that is more like an extra wide hallway that had little wall space for furniture. We took a spin off of your traditional foyer table by adding a few accent chairs, a floor lamp, a few accessories and mixed it with large and colorful kilim rug and a fun gallery wall.
At the other end of the hallway, near the front door, we wanted to create a place to hang a few bags or coats, storage for the kids shoes and a mail drop. By adding a narrow chest to one side of the archway and a basket opposite it, we made this space not only functional, but stylish as well.
The Formal Living Room was another awkwardly long space that proved to be difficult to create a comfortable seating area. We ended up creating two seating areas, one with the sofa and accent chairs and another with the pair of teal chairs in front of the windows and their own small games table.
Adding a bookcase provided some much needed storage and the piano was a family hand-me-down that now creates a fun music corner for the kids. We also brought in some of the softer, washed tones that the client loves through pillows, drapery and accessories making this space feel cohesive as you move throughout the home.
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