How to Update Any Piece of Furniture Starting With Your IKEA Cabinets
January 10, 2018
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A new year calls for a fresh start and that can be applied to tired, old furniture too. If your space is need of a refresh, have a look at six designer tips for giving your decor an easy overhaul. It all starts with Sarah Sherman Samuel's cool collab with Semihandmade for uplifting your IKEA cabinets. Read up on the fun new line below plus tips from our favorite designers for jumping on the Refresh Bandwagon!
Interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel and Semihandmade, the go-to cabinet door company have teamed up to offer a new collection of original doors that can pair with Ikea cabinet boxes giving consumers the perfect way to personalize their kitchens cabinets, credenza and consoles.
From John McDonald, founder of Semihandmade...We met Sarah in 2013 when she was remodeling her Venice bungalow. At the time, she was transitioning from product design to interiors and Semihandmade was a five-man shop.
All we did was make her cabinet doors. Sarah painted them, installed the cabinets, styled the room and shot the photos. Sarah’s traditional yet contemporary kitchen – Ikea cabinets with copper and brass accents framing two-tone Shaker doors – went viral. We still get at least one email a week mentioning it as inspiration.
A lot has changed for Sarah and Semihandmade in the last five years. We’re both better at what we do. This partnership is proof. Semihandmade couldn’t have picked a better person to launch our first signature line of doors with, and we’re thrilled to share them with the world.

6 Ways to Give Your Furniture a Refresh

Change out the doors! Choose pre-finished doors from Semihandmade to switch out your Ikea cabinet or Ikea console doors. You can transform standard cabinet boxes into something completely new and totally stylized. - Sarah Sherman Samuel

Cover a sofa with a vintage Kantha quilt to switch up the look for a new season, Kanthas are reversible - so with one quilt you can get two different looks for your sofa. Shop our Jungalow favorites here! - Justina Blakeney

Applying removable wallpaper to the door fronts of a cabinet is an easy and inexpensive way to add a custom touch of color and pattern to your console—plus it’s low commitment, since you can switch the wallpaper up on a whim when you’re ready for a new look! - Anne Sage

Paint is one of the most transformative (and affordable) ways to update any piece of furniture. If the shape and style is good, but the finish isn't your favorite or doesn't go with your current scheme then throw a coat of paint on it and all the sudden you've got a brand new piece. I recently did this to our entry console and I love how different it looks in the space. The color isn't quite right yet, but already it is looking so much better. - Emily Henderson

When it comes to apartment living - double duty furniture is key. When I redid my bedroom I searched high and low for the perfect place for my TV but couldn't seem to find something that really worked and as much as I love TV there is nothing worse than seeing a big black box on the wall. To combat the problem I ended up finding a vintage hutch (typically used in a dining room) and retrofit it by removing the shelf in the top portion to hold my TV, which I could tuck behind the doors when not in use, and then still have room in the drawers below for some clothes. - Brady Tolbert

Utilizing a mirror as the focal point on the wall above a console adds light, height and dimension and can dress up any area. By layering a grouping of objects - greenery is always a great idea! In front of the reflection you'll get a double effect, making the overall space feel larger, lush and really pulled together. - Jenn Feldman