How To Make Pantone's 2018 Color of the Year Shine in Your Home
January 8, 2018
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The announcement of Ultra violet as Pantone's 2018 color of the year signifies a return to bright, rich and vibrant hues. "Purple helps you foster creativity and feel inspired," says Moll Anderson, author of Change Your Home, Change Your Life with Color.

However, purple is no shrinking violet. It requires a bit of finesse to ensure its qualities shine. Incorporate the color with confidence with advice from the pros. Here's what interior designers recommend:

For the non-committal types.
The easiest way to incorporate the color is through home accessories such as accent pillows, vases, curtains and candles says home staging pro Jennifer Hunter, of Fashion Furniture Rental and Staging. Christiane Lemieux, of The Inside, seconds this sentiment. "Style accessories into your bookshelves or table tops to brighten and add dimension to your space."

Sherry Hope-Kennedy of Studio SHK, has a different idea on how to bring the color to life. "Use ultra violet as a living accent. Pepper in the color with purple plants and fresh cuts such as lilacs, African violets and sage."

Be bold (at least for some time).
If you prefer to make a bigger splash, "incorporate the color into your home with artwork," says Caitie Smithe, Designer, Walter E. Smithe. "A bold piece using ultra violet, in an otherwise neutral space, gives you an excellent pop of this on trend color." Other options, according to Christine, are to switch your rugs or consider a paint job to use the hue. "Paint is the easiest way to update your space. A colored statement wall instantly transforms your home from dull to lively and invigorating. It's now easier than ever with new peel and stick wallpapers that come right off," she says.

Caitie also recommends using natural stones with ultra violet hues. "There are so many cool accessories and end tables using crystals and stones that are naturally ultra violet in color. These pieces are truly versatile and blend nicely in any home."

Take the plunge.
If you love Pantone's 2018 color of the year, invest in furniture that will last long after the year is over. "Ultra Violet is stunning on velvet," says Caitie. "Velvet shows color brilliantly so it's the perfect fabric to capture the deep hues of the purple hue. The soft texture of velvet naturally warms up the space which brings a nice balance to the boldness of ultra violet."

An alternative option is a navy velvet sofa with an ultra violet throw pillow or blanket. "Ultra violet could definitely be classified as being purple in color, however it has a blue base which makes it extremely complimentary to blues," says Caitie. "The combination of navy blue with pops of ultra violet is dark and almost mysterious but uplifting at the same time."

"Pantone's Ultra Violet 2018 color of the year isn't the easiest color to inject into a color-shy person's interior, but it certainly infuses drama and style once a commitment is made," says interior designer Charmaine Wynter. "Ultra violet is the perfect way to create a more cozy effect."

Style Me Pretty Contributor - Ximena N. Larkin is a writer in publicist. She lives in Chicago with her husband and dog.