Here's How To Keep the Cozy Vibe After You Pack Away the Holiday Decor.
January 3, 2018
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Does anyone else feel like their home looks a little bare when the tree comes down and the stockings get packed away? I always feel a slight twinge of sadness when all of the merry goes back into their boxes, but I've got a few tricks up my sleeves to still keep things cozy and happy, nonetheless. Here's to a little New Year pampering for our abodes!

Layer on the love.

Just because the mistletoe gets packed away doesn't mean cozy exits stage left. When you're feeling like everything is a little bare, layer on a couple of extra pillows and throws in varying textures and shades to add interest.

Wintry Comforts

That cozy vibes don't solely come from your holiday decor. Merriment comes in many forms, including hot chocolate dates! Break out that cup of cheer when you need to.

Don't say goodbye to ALL the greens.

Completely UN-decking the halls will surely lead to holiday withdrawals. Leave some of your greenery up and even consider replacing your Christmas tree with a larger green plant.

Revisit your vignettes.

A new year is time for a new look. When the holiday decor comes down, don't revert to putting everything back in the same exact place—try some new vignettes! Restyle your coffee table, shelves, trays, etc.

Savor the season with scent.

Missing that heavenly Christmas tree scent? Keep those seasonal candles and diffusers going to stretch out the season and leave your home feeling just as merry as early December.