3 Ways to Keep Your Holiday Glow All Winter Long
January 2, 2018
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Let's face it. Trying to take care of your skin in the winter always feels like a losing battle. Between the dry heat indoors, the bitter cold outside and recovering from umpteen holiday parties, your skin needs a break.
But glancing in the mirror doesn't have to be that bleak this season. With a few simple skincare hacks, you can get that holiday glow back and keep it all winter long. Here are three tips to get you glowing.

Snack on Foods Rich in Vitamin E

Repairing dry, damaged winter skin is your number one priority right now. The healthier your skin, the better your skin can regulate and moisturize itself. Vitamin E is great for repairing skin. And bonus, it also helps to thicken hair and balance hormones. Basically, it's your body's best friend after all those holiday parties and snowy adventures.

Instead of grabbing holiday leftovers and treat, find snacks with almonds, spinach, avocado or sweet potatoes. Almond-based granola, spinach omelets, and avocado toast are all great ways to start your day. Eat up and watch your skin regain its bounce and glow.

Use Face Masks All Day E'ry Day

Okay, maybe not every day. But moisturizing facial masks are a game changer when it comes to skincare. They're affordable, they come in multiple scents and are an easy alternative to clay masks applied with your hands.

Look for cloth or silk sheet masks. They'll deliver the most moisture and come with other benefits depending on their ingredients. One pro tip: if your skin is extra sensitive, avoid masks with rose water. Though they'll hydrate really well, they'll also irritate your skin and there's no time for that this season.

Reach for Lip Balm Instead of Gloss

Though it's tempting to go straight for the dark lip during winter, start with a moisturizing base first. Applying lip balm or your favorite lip ointment underneath will keep your lips and the surrounding skin happy. Plus, it gives every lip color a super moist sheen. Keep an extra lip balm in your pocket, especially when you're heading out the door.

With a little extra skincare this season, the bitter cold outside becomes a wintry wonderland to explore.

Style Me Pretty Contributor - Katy Palmer is a casting producer and creative consultant in Denver by way of Los Angeles. When she isn't working you can find her indulging in the latest indie films, enjoying the Denver comedy scene and supporting other women in media. Connect with her on Instagram @bykatypalmer.