This Beach House Will Give You a Serious Case of Wanderlust
December 27, 2017
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It takes years of collecting to fill a home with treasures but if you're anything like this owner, you've got it covered! Even though this beach house is just shy of two years old, the family has filled it with collected decor from all of their travel and adventures making for a space that's eclectic and cozy with a seriously stylish edge. Take the full tour captured by Anne Ciotola Photography right here.
The Larkin family may have moved into their beach house less than 2 years ago, but Corre Larkin has been collecting items for her home for what seems like forever.
This layered and textured family home is filled with family heirlooms and pieces picked up from the couple's life abroad and their extensive travels. The lights in their kitchen were brought back from a trip to India, years and years before they had even purchased a home.
The black and white sketch above the butchers block hung in Corre's Grandmother's Laguna Beach home, and the carved wood console table in their living room was purchased during a trip to the Cotswolds when they lived in London.
Corre's philosophy when it comes to designing a home is that every room should tell a story. Her idea was to weave their past and current histories and experiences into their everyday life.
 Corre and Matt share their home with their 3. 5 year daughter, Coco, their 1 year old son, Bear and their 9 year old Westie, Wicklow. They designed their home to be lived in and enjoyed by adults/kids/animals alike.
Corre owns and runs Corre Marie which sells antique and vintage rugs and also provides interior design and interior styling.
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