Stay Active While Traveling With these Tips
December 19, 2017
Getting slightly off track with your workout regimen can be easy while you are traveling. From a packed schedule filled with activities to dining out every night, your entire trip can be over and you haven't had an ounce of exercise.

Finding creative ways to stay active while traveling can seem daunting, but with a little planning, you will be walking, or shall I say, running, toward your fitness goals.
Book a Hotel with a Gym
With a little inquiring, this one is super easy. Most hotels have guest facilities, including on-site gym access. Depending on what hotel you stay at, this can be a few ellipticals and weights, or a full-service gym complete with classes. During your research of where to stay. Keep this amenity at the top of your must-haves in order to have quick-and-easy access to a workout before your fun-filled day ahead.

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Wake Up Early to Walk Around and Explore the City
This can be a tough one when laying in your comfortable cloud-like bed, but once you hop out of bed with a plan, you start to feel much better about your day ahead. Waking up early, taking a hot shower, and briskly walking to a local coffee shop can release a surprising amount of endorphins. You'll be saying, "I'll have a skinny vanilla latte, please" with a smile on your face in a few short steps.

Walk to Your Destinations
Skip Uber and lace up your sneaks to head to a fun vacation-worthy activity. Walking from place to place will not only give you the extra cardio your body needs, but it provides a chance to happen upon great local spots you otherwise wouldn't notice on a car ride.
Take the Stairs Instead of the Elevator
This is an obvious one, yet not always obvious in the moment. Walking up to the 50th floor of a building is a little much, but if you're going up two or three flights, opt to take the stairs for an extra boost of cardio. Plus, if you're like me, this will eliminate the fear of getting trapped in an elevator!
Look for Local A La Carte Classes
A good place to start is to look for lifestyle and exercise events online in the city in which you are about to travel to. There is a good chance, especially on a weekend, that there are a la carte classes available. Also, some gyms have certain days of the week or certain classes on their schedule where they allow non-members to pay a small fee to partake in the class.

Tip: by going to a local gym, or class that allows pay-per-class access, you are essentially living like a local. Ask the girl on the mat next to you what her favorite brunch spot is - you're already in the same yoga class, chances are, you will have a few things in common, brunch spots included!

Style Me Pretty Contributor - Erica Chambers is a freelance writer and blogger at Styles by the C. After living in New York City, she has made her permanent residence along the white sandy beaches of Santa Rosa Beach, Florida with her new husband and fur child, Maxwell. When she isn't working, you'll find her exploring local brunch spots or designing a nursery for her and her husband's first child, Leo.