Stop Holiday Shopping Until You Read These 5 Tips
December 15, 2017
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Raise your hand if you still have some holiday shopping to do?! C'mon, be honest. I myself have a handful of people to cross off the ol' list... you know, the ones who are the hardest to shop for so you procrastinate until the very last minute. That's where gift boxes always come in clutch. I think it's the best gift really, even if you're an early shopper. Pick a simple theme and stock it up with a few fun items! This lavender-inspired box from Salt & Grove would delight just about any receiver. Plus, shop owner's Katie and Sarah are giving us 5 amazing tips on how to master your gift-giving skills this season!

Shop small and local! Being a great consumer is an especially wonderful thing to be around the holidays. By shopping at places where the items have been carefully curated, you are not only supporting a small business, you are purchasing something that is well-designed and made, which makes for an awesome gift. Gift-giving should be a thoughtful process… your loved ones will truly appreciate the effort you put forth when they open such a special gift, something so perfect just for them! You are also more likely to be gifting a longer lasting and better quality product.

Create a theme for individual gifts. This is something really fun to do, especially when creating a gift box or basket for a holiday gift. You can get really creative here, and a theme can start with a simple idea. For example, we created this lavender-themed gift box, which could be perfect for so many people…someone going through a stressful time, a new parent, or someone who just really loves the calming scent of lavender. Our gift box contains several lavender themed items, from a bar of soap, to actual lavender, to a tea towel with an illustration of our favorite herb. You can take this concept anywhere with any theme. Again, you are creating a well-thought out gift, which is the best kind to receive!

Make a budget. Shopping around the holidays can be a bit frantic, and if you are not careful, you can overspend just for the sake of making sure you have everyone crossed off your list. Being organized early in the holiday season with a list of everyone you need to shop for and what you want to spend for each person is a smart way of staying the path when it comes to your shopping. It will also help you feel successful and accomplished as you gradually (and calmly) conquer that shopping list!

Come up with a wrapping theme for all of your gifts! You can come up with some really fun ideas for your holiday wrapping (use Pinterest and blogs for inspiration), and once you have an idea in mind, you can wrap all of your holiday gifts with the same components, with a bit of added variety between each gift. For example, you can wrap all of your gifts in kraft paper, bakers twine, some simple gift tags, and varying sprigs of holiday greens on each package. Not only is this adorable, but it will save you money and space. All the wrapping paper out there is cute, but you don’t need it all! You will look like the most organized and creative person when you show up to the holiday party with the cutest packages under the tree!

Send holiday cards! In a world full of emails, texts and stories, snail mail has sadly lost its place. Receiving a card in the mail and even better, one with a hand-written note can be just as special as a wrapped gift. Sending cards to loved ones and perhaps someone you have lost touch with can be a darling sentiment.
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