3 Ways to Deck the Halls without Going Overboard
December 14, 2017
I'm a firm believer that changing up even the slightest of details in your home can result in a big impact. That rings true especially around the holidays. A sea of red and green just isn't my jam. You with me? Thankfully, we can still layer on the festive feels without going full out Buddy the elf on our homes and Jana Bek, interior designer and creator of luxury home decor products, is showing us how today with a few simple tips!
From Jana Bek... I’ve never been one to change our decor for the seasons since I always felt stretched too thin; however, this year my family resolved to “go big” for the holidays, without going overboard.

Add Greenery

I like using alternatives to pine and spruce to decorate such as bay wreaths and magnolia branches. Leaves still look so pretty even when they dry - It’s a delight to know that they will continue to look festive and fabulous for weeks of entertaining to come.

You’d be surprised what sort of greenery a local florist can get for you. If something doesn't appear to be available at your florist, have a chat with them. Often, if they have at least a week's notice, they can source it for you. If you can’t find what you’re looking for at a local florist, Etsy also has some great options for leaves, wreaths, and other holiday decor.

Layer Textures

From cashmere and wool throws to warm wood, I suggest using different textures to create a cozy atmosphere that invites people to stay a while. Their neutral tones make them easy to layer into spaces of any palette.

Embrace Jewel Tones

Try jewel tones instead of traditional holiday colors. Don't feel constrained to white, green and red. I love deep jewel tones during this time of year—they feel so right for the holidays! Try using deep colored fruits such as pomegranates and clementines to bring color to your kitchen. The jewel tones are festive and serve as edible decor.
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