Exactly What To Get Your New In-Laws For Christmas
November 27, 2017
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If it's your first holiday season with your new in-laws, you probably want to try extra hard to give them a great gift! I think that a lot of us can agree that the best gifts are ones that either provide a memory or evoke a memory in us. I think that most of us can also agree that our in-laws are some of the hardest people to shop for.

We got you covered with these 10 gift ideas for your new in-laws!
Your Favorite Item Off Your Registry
What was your favorite gift that you received from your wedding registry? Pass on the love by getting them the same gift! If your new fancy Keurig stands out as your favorite, then get them the same one and share the love.

Personalized Wedding Reel
Piece together parts of the raw footage from your wedding that have your in-laws in it. Add those parts to the parts with you and your husband and they will have a personalized highlight reel wedding video!
Photo With Their Child From The Wedding
Purchase a beautiful picture frame from Zola and print out a photo of your in-laws with their son/daughter from the wedding.

Tickets to a Play/Concert/Comedy Show
Send them to a show that they will love. Maybe you heard about a play that you think they'd love. Maybe you know their favorite band and heard that they're going on tour. This gift will let them know that you pay attention to their interests and want them to have an amazing experience.
Wedding Album
Create a wedding album with all of your favorite photos from the wedding for them. They will treasure this gift for the rest of their lives!

Sketch Of Your Wedding Venue
Hire a professional artist to sketch your wedding venue and then get that sketch printed on a canvas for them to hang in their home.
Play Tourist With Them In Your City
If you live in/by a city that they do not live near, plan a day to show them around all of the tourist destinations. You will create memories that will always stick with them!

Create a photo calendar from Minted that is filled with photos from all of the wedding events. Make sure to include photos of them from the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, and wedding! Each month they will get to look at different photos from these special events!
Crockpot and Recipe Book
Buy them a nice crockpot and then create a personalized crockpot cookbook. Fill the cookbook with all of your favorite crockpot recipes that you think they would love.

Gift Certificate To Your Rehearsal Dinner Restaurant
Give them a gift certificate to the restaurant where your rehearsal dinner was. Let them go back and experience the place all over again! That restaurant holds some amazing memories for all of you.

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