4 Steps to the Perfect Closet Makeover
November 3, 2017
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Admittedly, I haven't invested much time into my own style after having my first baby, and my closet is suffering from that neglect. In my search to revamp my style haven, I happened upon lifestyle guru and closet stylist, Shira Gill and her Closet Makeover Planner. Thank goodness, because bikinis and sweaters were finding themselves unhappily stacked together. Sound like you? Implement Shira's four fab tips below and grab the full guide here!


Start by removing everything from your closet. It helps to organize clothing in stacks by specific categories, so you can take inventory. This will make it easier to see how much of each type you have and will also expedite the editing stage. This is your opportunity to start fresh, so make sure to wipe down any shelving, give the space a vacuum and relocate stray items that don’t belong in your closet.


A good edit is by far the most important step! Before you begin, think about what’s required for your typical week as well as what you need for workouts, hobbies, and travel or events. Since the contents of your closet will determine your style, this is also a great opportunity to become more intentional about how you present yourself each day. Just because something cost a lot of money or looks good on somebody else doesn’t mean that it is the right fit for you. Think about how you want to look and feel in your clothing and do your best to keep only what you actually use, wear, and love.

Stock Up

Favorite closet essentials include:

1. Uniform hangers. Use the same style and color for a streamlined look.

2. Open bins and baskets for storing scarves, seasonal items, and accessories.

3. Shelf dividers to keep stacks of folded jeans or sweaters from toppling over.

4. Sturdy hooks for handbags, necklaces, and handbags.

5. Wall mounted shelves to maximize your vertical space. Make sure to make a list before you shop and only invest in what you actually need for your closet makeover project.


Now, for the fun part! In setting up your closet, take care to store items by frequency of use. Set up everyday essentials in prime real estate areas for visibility and easy access, with formal, seasonal, and occasional items in the back of the closet or in bins on a high shelf. Once you’re all set up, it’s nice to add some personal touches and décor to complete the transformation. You might try accessorizing with an accent rug, pretty lighting, framed pictures or a style inspiration board. Remember: You start and end each day in your closet. It’s worth it to invest a little added effort to ensure it feels inviting and lovely.
Shira is the founder of Shira Gill Home a boutique lifestyle brand with a “less is more” philosophy that offers full service home organization and styling as well as online resources and inspiration to help you design a clutter-free life. Head here to grab your free Closet Makeover Planner and follow along with @shiragill for more inspiration!