5 Ways To Instantly Feel More Put Together
October 30, 2017
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As the mama of a 7 month old, I'm challenged on the daily get creative with my beauty and style routines. Most of the time, I simply don't have the time. So, I count on little short cuts to instantly whip myself into shape, or at the very least—trick myself into feeling that way! Whether you've got kiddos or not, we all have those days where we need some extra help. Here are five ways to do just that.

Fancy Up with Jewelry

My #1 go-to for feeling a little extra, even when I'm wearing gym clothes and sporting a top knot is to put a simple pair of earrings on and my favorite dainty gold necklace. It really does the trick!

Put on Pretty Lingerie

Feeling a little frumpy in those granny panties? Layer a little lovely underneath your daily wear! I love pairing bralettes with casual tees and jeans. A little lace peeking out is always fun and makes me feel youthful (instead of a 30-something mama!).

Elevate Your Eyes

No time for the full makeup routine? Focus on the eyes. A little mascara goes a long way! You can also consider doing lash extensions or liner tattooing, which completely elevate your whole no-makeup look. I have several friends who do this and absolutely love it. Also, don't forget your brows. Pop in for a quick wax and voila!

Give Yourself a Spritz

I usually save perfume for special events or date night, but sometimes I'm feeling the need for a little spritz on a random Tuesday. Keep in mind—choose fresh, clean and light scents for work settings as others might find strong scents irritating. Face mists and essential oil sprays are incredible for a quick refresher, too, and not as heavy.

Style Your Clothing

Ever wonder how the fashion bloggers look so stylish in the same shirt you just bought, but you feel so frumpy in it? Style it! Master the art of the shirt knot, the tuck, the off-shoulder look, the sleeve roll, you name it. It's not just what you wear, it's how you wear it.