5 Ways To Fake It When Your Summer Tan Fades
October 25, 2017
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With a mild start to fall this year, we've had plenty of opportunities to soak up the early autumn sun. But don't be fooled my friends, those cold days of fall are right around the corner and that summer tan will start to fade—leaving you with the task of faking it. Unless you're jet-setting to a tropical island anytime soon, you'll want to check out these five ways to faux glow this season!

Coconut Melting Tanning Balm Face & Body

I personally don't love the smell of self tanners, but this one is the best I've found yet! Rather than a lotion, it comes in the form of a coconut balm, which smells lovely. It's perfect if you're looking for a mild, natural looking tan that doesn't scream I just put self tanner on last night!

'Bronze' Shimmer Brick Compact

I've used this shimmer brick for years and am absolutely obsessed with it's versatility. From highlighting the bridge of your nose and cheekbones to using it as an eye shadow, it gives me the glow I need when the winter blues set in.

Trystal Self Tanning Bronzing Minerals

A mineral powder that self tans while you wear it? Sign me up! This unique formula interacts with your moisturizer or liquid foundation base to tan your skin, while micronized crystals reflect light to create a smooth skin finish.

'Somerville360°' Tanning Towelettes

These tanning towelettes are my go-to when I need a fresh all-over glow. The best part? They don't streak! Within 2-4 hours you'll be looking like you just walked off the beach.

Soleil de La Mer

Prefer the classic self tanner lotion? Nothing beats Soleil de La Mer. Talk about beach babe!