5 Beauty Tricks to Help You Transition Into Fall and Winter
October 24, 2017
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While autumn and winter are some of the most wonderful times of the year, the dry air, the stress and the indulgent eating can really throw a wrench in our beauty and skincare routines. To re-set for colder temperatures and be ready to face all the seasons have in store, here are five easy beauty tricks you can do now to keep your skin, hair and nails healthy, clear and bright!
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Get a thicker moisturizer
Just like you don't wear the same clothes in spring/summer as you would in autumn/winter, you also don't want to use the same skincare products! Whereas in the warmer months, the focus is on keeping oil in check with lighter lotions, in the fall and winter it's all about hydration. Choose a heavier cream to combat dry skin and give your skin the moisture it needs to take on the wind and chill.
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Schedule a fall facial
Schedule a fall facial to start the season with a clean slate. Facials this time of year can help repair sun damage from the summer and rejuvenate your skin to prepare for the dryness of winter. With plenty of facial options out there, do some research and find one that will be right for your skin. Besides leaving with your skin feeling amazing, another benefit is that most aestheticians will give personalized product recommendations if you're looking to switch up your skincare routine!

Get a paraffin manicure
In most salons a paraffin wax is just a simple add-on to your normal manicure or pedicure. It's perfect for this time of year because cold weather can mean that your cuticles crack, weaker nails break and polish chips easier. The wax will soften your dry hands and tough heels and create a protective layer over the skin that keeps moisture from escaping.
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Transition to fall and winter makeup hues
Besides the leaves starting to change and the temperatures dropping, one of the truest signs of fall is when women start to pick fall colors for their manicures! Say goodbye to summery hot pink, cherry red, or baby blue and get ready for midnight blues, burgundy, pewter, and bordeaux red. Besides your nails, try a vampy lip or try a dark smoky eye.

Deep condition your hair or get a hair mask
While you can get a deep conditioning treatment at your next haircut, there are plenty of easy ways to do this at home! You can make one from natural ingredients like coconut oil, avocado, honey and olive oil. For a step-up from a deep conditioner, try a hair mask. A good hair mask adds an extra layer of moisture to protect hair from heat tools, sun, dry weather, damaging products, and everyday wear and tear.

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