The Perfect Mix of Millennial Pink and Cool, Mid-Century Vibes
October 23, 2017
United States
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When Kaitlynn Carter designed her new Santa Monica abode, she looked no further than a blush colored statement couch to set the tone for this mid-century meets of-the-moment millennial pink space. Together with Joss & Main, she crafted a gorgeous blushing living room that balances cool vintage with feminine glam. Take the full tour right here.
Your home base is in Malibu—a beach house you share with your fiancé, Brody Jenner—but you also recently leased this apartment in Santa Monica. Can you tell us a little about the space, and what drew you to it?

Well, primarily, it was the location. Brentwood is a very central neighborhood in LA, especially relative to where I take most of my meetings and attend events. Also, my best friend lives in the building right next door! BUT, of course, I was looking for a space I liked and saw design potential in, as well. What I loved about it right off the bat was how much light the windows let in. It's a very bright, cheery space. Wood flooring was a big plus, and then there's the original sliding door that divides the living room from the bed and bath quarters. I love little features like that you really don't find as often in new buildings!
How is the vibe of this apartment different from that of your beach house?

I really wanted to have fun with the design of this apartment! When I decorated our Malibu house, I was under strict orders not to make it too girly, so I went super girly this time, while still keeping it sophisticated.

It’s clear from your blog, Hey, Miss Carter, that you have a knack for fashion. How does your personal style translate into the design of your homes? Are the two similar?

I have a bit of an eclectic taste in fashion, and that definitely translates in my interior design style. Although I had to keep things toned down at the Malibu house, there are still decor elements of mine that keep it more on the eclectic end: woven wall hangings, oil paintings from my hometown, crystals, sheepskins, etc. My apartment was definitely a space where I could integrate more of that funk and color I tend to be drawn to!
What would you say is more difficult, pulling together a room or pulling together an outfit?

Pulling together a room is just a lot more time consuming, but it's also a lot more fun for me!

We love the blush sofa you chose. It makes such a big impact, yet doesn’t overwhelm. Can you share your tips for building a room around a statement piece?

I think if you're going to go with one really bold statement piece of furniture, you keep other big pieces in the room relatively neutral. You can still accent with colorful pillows and art! I also love to tie in a lot of greenery. It's a great way to take up space and add color without making a space feel overwhelming.
Pink is more popular than ever right now—but many still hesitate to decorate with the historically feminine hue. What’s your advice for getting the of-the-moment color right?

Well, of course, in this case I was really going for feminine! But even so, I don't think the space turned out too girly for a guy to live in, as well. I'd say pairing pink with natural materials like wood, greenery, cow hides, etc. Balances it out a lot. In this room, tying in the brown leather chairs neutralized the space a lot!
Walk us through your living room. Besides the blush sofa, what are your favorite pieces?

I absolutely LOVE the whole bar area! The mid-century server is such a cool piece. I also love the rattan chair. 8. Was there anything the room just had to have? Anything you absolutely didn’t want? Well, because I knew I was going to have a pink sofa, I steered clear of other overly feminine details. No crystal light fixtures or anything too "glam." I'm also just not a fan of wall art with cutesy or inspirational quotes or phrases, so we avoided anything like that. One thing I really wanted was for the room to have a mid-century feel, which I think we definitely accomplished.
What’s your favorite way to spend time in this space?

It's really my space and no one else's, so it's very peaceful. I spent a lot of time here hanging wall art and unpacking furniture and it was almost meditative, so for me when I'm in that apartment I feel very chill. I l like to just binge-watch a show on Netflix or light my candles and have a spa night!
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