This Glam Office Started With a Drawing on a Napkin
October 2, 2017
Office TourAt Work
If this gorgeous office is any indication, Jessica Lauren Events is a genius at crafting pretty things. That penchant for curating layers of lovely in a wedding is easily translated into her new work space. And would you believe, it all started when she doodled her dream office on a restaurant napkin? Fast forward 6 months and voila! Industrial meets all out glamour and some insanely chic blush velvet swivel chairs in this inspiring space captured by Sanaz Photography. Take the full tour here!
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In October 2016 I sat down in a little Italian restaurant and drew my dream office space on a napkin. By March 2017, I was sitting at my new desk! I love the industrial glam aesthetic, it's intense and strong yet still very feminine. I feel that reflects my personality in a way and I wanted to make sure that showed in the design. There is definitely a good mix of furniture and decor that help to create the vibe, like the black geometric chandelier with hard edges, the ultra soft blush swivel chairs, and the faux fur throw blanket. Everywhere you look there is some sort of hard element next to a softer one. One of my all time favorites in the world of design is rose gold, and I had the opportunity to pick the rose gold shade that all the furniture would be hand dyed in. I love subtle elements that make a big impact, like the textured wallpaper on the back wall, ostrich pattern side table, and especially the black sliding glass french doors! I wanted the space to be light and bright at all times, so we painted the walls bright white and made sure we had tons of bright lighting. I also wanted the space to be multifunctional. We built a lobby, my office, a mockup room, and a storage space. The mockup room table can be taken away and the area can be closed off by drapes. The empty space can be converted into a bigger storage space if needed on a busy day. This was so crucial for me because my team is always in need of more space leading up to event days! It is always fun as well to have a big reveal during a mockup in the office because we can hide a gorgeous table and then pull back the drapes and it's a big wow-factor. Everything in the office was picked and custom designed with meaning and purpose, and hopefully it shows! Thank goodness I didn't lose that napkin!