5 Ways To Step Up Your Makeup Game
September 20, 2017
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It is SO easy to get stuck in the same old beauty routine, and in turn fall victim to some of the most common makeup mistakes. I'm talking spidery lashes, blending issues, foundation overuse, dry lips, etc. We've all experience one or another (or all of the above!). Take your beauty beat to the next level with these 5 simple tips.

Use a Lash Primer

I personally love a more natural looking lash with a bit of added fullness. Mascara primer is a great way to achieve this look while avoiding the 'spidery' look. Tip: apply mascara before the primer dries, for a smooth application.

Blend Foundation Into Your Ears and Neck

Makeup should only go on your face, right? Wrong! Don't forget to blend your foundation or powder into your ears and neck, right down to the collar bone. We love this multi-purpose brush for a seamless look. If you're still running into blending issues you might have the wrong shade for your skin.

Go Beyond the Lid

Just like we talked about blending our foundation into the neck and ears above, think similarly when it comes to your eye makeup. If you're focusing only on the lid, you're probably ending up with a look that's too harsh and dramatic. It's all about the blend beauties. Pull that shadow right up to your brows, into the corners of your eyes and below your bottom lashes as well.

Foundation Overuse

A good rule of thumb when it comes to foundation is: focus on your problem areas. Rather than covering your entire face with foundation, start at those problem areas and blend outward. You want a bit of your natural skin to show through and why cover up the areas that are already winning?

Exfoliate Your Lips

One of the biggest mistakes I made for years and years was to neglect my lips. I always complained that my lips were too dry for lipstick, when really, I just needed to make exfoliating a part of my regular routine! This one is amazing and makes your pout feel super smooth any time of year.