Tour a Bright, Blooming Nursery Perfect for a Baby Girl
September 18, 2017
If ever there were a time to embrace pink floral wallpaper, it would be for a charming baby girl's nursery. This Spoonflower showstopper sets the tone for a bright and happy room filled with cozy texture, shiplap ceilings and the perfect splash of blushing hues. Take the full tour of this sweet space designed by Ivy & Stone along with images by Brandi Smyth.
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A beautiful, simple & sophisticated nursery. I never thought in a million years I would allow so much pink into one room. I always thought I would keep it very neutral when we had a baby, with small touches of color and detail. Well ... Fast forward to finding out you're having a girl and all that goes out the window!! I knew I wanted to do an accent wall so I started there first. After coming across this adorable watercolor wallpaper by Indy Designs - I just couldn't help myself, and the pink took over. I did my best to keep everything else super simple; painted the walls a solid soft white - added a light pickled wood to the ceiling and switched the fan out for a dainty chandelier. Once the shell was done everything else seemed to fall into place. Wall & Trim Color - White Ivory by Benjamin Moore