4 Utterly Romantic Things To Do At-Home with Your Love
September 12, 2017
My hubs and I sure do love to go out for date night. But sometimes, it's a nice change of pace to stay home and create cozy memories together in our own abode. This love sesh captured by Simply Sarah Photography is proof that at-home is just as good. Keep scrolling for 4 utterly romantic things you can do with your love, without leaving the house!

Impromptu Slow Dance

Turn on the tunes and channel your inner dancing with the stars. OK, maybe you can skip the tango! A sweet slow dance is sure to bring on the smiles and laughter.

Brunch in Your Lingerie

Flip the switch and get fancy for brunch, instead of dinner. Throw on your sexy lingerie or robe and have a coffee and crepes date!

Read Together

Sure, you've probably read (separate books) while together, but have you ever read the same book to each other? Dust off an old romance novel and cuddle up after that brunch.


Speaking of cuddling up, simply take some time to snuggle in bed. Talk about future plans and dreams, tell each other silly jokes, reminisce about your first date or your wedding day, or you know, just make out like it's the first time you kissed!
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