5 Simple Tricks to Get Rid of Email Stress for Good
September 9, 2017
At Work
At one point or another, I think we've all dealt with email stress (my hand is raised!)... chasing after the seemingly impossible Inbox Zero. Instead, you're in a revolving world of Inbox Crazy and that's no way to work or live. Keep scrolling for five handy tricks I use to keep my inbox at bay.

Write Now, Send Later

Have you ever drafted an email outside of business hours but didn't send it right away to avoid getting a reply at night or on the weekend? And then you forgot to send it at that later convenient time? This is where email scheduling comes in handy. Email assistants (like Boomerang) allow you to send and receive when you want.

Enable Undo Send

How many times have you sent an email that wasn't complete? Or, quickly realized you forgot to add something? If your mail client has the option, enable undo send in your settings (Gmail has this). It's a lifesaver!

Multiple Inboxes and Labels

Utilize tools like multiple inboxes and labels to stay organized. I personally use multiple inboxes, with my main inbox and then a 'Follow Up' inbox I created from that label. Here is a quick little tutorial on how to set it up. Allowing yourself to prioritize visually is a great way to stay on top of projects.

Canned Responses

If high quantity of emails is driving your stress, 'canned responses' are LIFE. Even if you aren't getting a ton of emails but you still want to have go-to responses on hand, this is so, so helpful. No more looking back in your archives to copy and paste responses of past emails.

Routine = Productivity

With various pieces of technology allowing us to check email wherever and whenever, it's easy to feel like we can never escape our inboxes. Easier said than done, but if you can set rules for yourself (like checking email twice a day at the same times or no phone in the bedroom) you'll probably find that you're much more productive when it comes time to tackle replies.