Tour a Home That Will Kick Ibiza to the Top of Your Travel List
September 6, 2017
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If you are a lover of travel, island destinations or modern design, then this home captured by Ana Lui is going to be right up your alley. Tour the mod digs of wedding and event planner, Gemma Bowman of Ibiza Wedding, plus read up on Gemma's tips for navigating life, family and weddings on Ibiza.
From the photographer... I remember meeting Gemma Bowman back in 2008 at one of her weddings. She was fearless, confident, stylish and smart as hell! An absolute perfectionist. I literally wanted to be Gemma! I wanted her experience, I wanted her confidence, her natural charm and pretty much all her wardrobe. Gemma's wedding planning company, Ibiza Wedding, has become the first stop for stylish, newly engaged entrepreneurs, ambitious young brides and grooms to be looking for a hands on wedding planner who could take over and help them simply enjoy the real Ibiza experience.
When Gemma teamed up with Kerry-Anne, a fun, energetic, kind, South African beauty, they became the dream team for anyone looking to throw an unforgettable Ibiza wedding with a sweet and sexy dose of whimsical boho elegance. Gemma and Kerry love the island so much and as permanent residents (fluent in Spanish) they know every corner, every supplier and all the hidden spots.

I had a chance to photograph Gemma and her gorgeous family (three stunning kids and very handsome hubby Jack) on many different occasions. We took some beautiful photographs during Gemma's pregnancy as well as doing a winter family shoot and a spring session at their favourite La Paloma restaurant and interior editorial session of their fabulously styled Ibiza home.  A few weeks ago I chatted with Gemma about weddings, family and life in Ibiza….
Mum of 3 and successful business owner! What’s your secret?

Delegation, patience and not sweating the small stuff!! Also I am really lucky that I have amazing people on my team, who I respect and trust and also have a wonderful, very hands on husband as well as help in the house that leaves me with more time to focus on the kids and work.

3 things you love about Ibiza?

The weather, the beauty of the island, and that inexplicable, intangible magic and feeling of possibility…
What’s your formula for a perfect wedding?

A great crowd of people, delicious food, plenty of alcohol and a bloody good DJ

What are you proud of?

My 3 children, my husband and making the life we have here
What’s different about weddings in Ibiza?

The feeling that anything goes, that you don´t have to conform to what a wedding should be…we have organized some amazing, unique celebrations here very different from many destination weddings.
3 tips for future Ibiza brides and grooms?

Take some time just the 2 of you on the wedding day to soak everything up and have a little moment for yourselves. Organize a pre or post event as you and all your guests will really love to all come together at least a couple of times whilst here and remember that every wedding should be an expression of you and your love for each other so try and bring your personalities into the day as much as possible. Oh and don´t stress… get a planner!
Best song for driving around the island?

I do A LOT of driving around the island, be it with clients or ferrying children about so it depends who I am in the car with…currently playing Imagine Dragons and Lily Allen
Ibiza summer must have?

A Panama, a big old straw bag from one of the amazing shops in Ibiza Town, lip balm and 2 months off the island in July and August to escape the madness…too much!!!
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