Are You Making These Common Home Decor Mistakes?
August 29, 2017
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Layering your home with pretty isn't just about finding the right pieces—it's also about knowing how to incorporate those pieces, properly. From how to make an area rug work for your room (not against it) to hanging curtains and mounting lighting, I've personally made all three of these mistakes. Have you? If so, see how to fix them below!

Area Rugs

Have you ever put down a brand new area rug that you loved in store or online and it just didn't seem to fit with the room? It's probably not the size, color or pattern but how you have your furniture placed on it. In a room where multiple furniture pieces are used, like a living room—use area rugs to connect the pieces in your room and create a seamless flow. Avoid placing all of the furniture legs completely on or off of your rug. This can make your space feel too crowded or too empty. A good in between? Front legs on the rug, back legs off.

Window Treatments

Naturally, you'd think that curtains need to be mounted and hung around the window frame, right? Wrong. This can actually make your windows feel a whole lot smaller and let in a lot less light. For height, aim to mount the curtain rod 6-8 inches above the window frame. For width, extend the curtain rod 3-6 inches outside of the frame.

Ceiling-Mounted Lighting

Lighting makes a statement, so make sure to get that statement right with the proper measurements. For an 8 foot ceiling, aim to hang a pendant or chandelier 30 to 34 inches over a table. For each additional foot of ceiling, mount your lighting 3 inches higher. Also, avoid hanging pendants or chandeliers that are wider than your table—lighting should be about a foot narrower than your table.