How NOT To Drop Off the Radar When You Have Kids
August 20, 2017
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There's no doubt that having a baby is a life-changing event, but life-changing shouldn't mean falling off the face of the Earth. Sure, you might not want to do much but soak up chubby baby snuggles in the first weeks and months (and sleep, whenever possible!), but don't let your social life suffer when you gain the new title of mama or daddy. Here are a few ways to stay in the scene and rock the parenting gig at the same time.

Take Baby Out from Week One

This is something I'm so glad my husband and I did when our son was born. We ate out a few times, ran errands, went grocery shopping, all in the first week of our babe's life. It really helped set the tone for how we are with him now—if we want to go to dinner and don't have a sitter, we just bring him along. We may go earlier than we used to so we can get him to bed on time, which is actually sort of amazing because there's no such thing as waiting for a table anymore!

Have Friends and Family Come to You

It's inevitable that you simply won't have as much time to make plans as you did before—but you still want to see all of your friends and family, right? Throw a party! You might be thinking hell no, that's a ton of work! But think smarter, not harder my friends. Have everyone bring a dish and kindly ask for a bit of cleanup help before guests leave. Most people are willing to pitch in extra to help new parents, you probably won't even have to ask!

Infant/Parent Classes

Mommy and me or Daddy and me classes are are a great way to get out of the house with baby and meet other parents with kiddos in your area. They're a great way to help your babe learn new skills, from music class to swimming and even yoga.

Take Turns

YOU are a priority, yes you. It might not feel like it when all effort points toward those little ones, but you will truly be the best parent if you are your best self. That means taking turns with your partner for a day or night off! Whether you have been dying to get a pedicure or have dinner planned with besties—don't forget that you still matter, too.

Accept the Invitation!

Big events might be a bit more challenging with a little one but that doesn't mean you should send regrets for all the weddings, parties and fun shindigs. Life doesn't stop when you have a kiddo—it evolves. My husband and I attended two weddings before our son was three months old (breast pump in tow and plenty of texts to grandma). But you know what? They were two of the best weddings we've ever been to and I'm so glad we attended.