Which of These Color Combos Fits Your Home Style Best?
August 19, 2017
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There are many factors that come into play when choosing a design style for your home, but quite possibly the most powerful is color. When paired up just right, the perfect hue combos can define any space—from a blue and white casual coastal abode to a navy and pink trad-mod home. So, which one of the combos below fit your style best?

Blue + White

One of the most popular combos featured in our home archives, blue and white is a versatile pairing that lends itself to almost any design style, from coastal to modern. For a fresh twist, incorporate greenery!

Black + Gray

Most often we see this combo featured in industrial style homes but really, it can be woven into any design style! Avoid a too-moody vibe by choosing soft grays as wall or cabinet color and layer in the black with lighting and accessories like shown here.

Navy + Pink

If you gravitate toward this combo, you're a little bit classic and a little bit modern. Keep your space feeling fresh and airy with loads of white. Gold or brass details are a perfect match for this combo, too!

Blush + White

This one's for the dreamers and lovers. Often found in boho and modern styles, blush and white radiates a whimsical vibe that works for a city apartment graced in glamour or a sweet beach house, and beyond.

Gray, White + Gold

If you love all things minimal and organic, this is your go-to combo. It's especially flattering in kitchens, but this pairing can work throughout an entire home. Layer in texture, greenery and interesting pieces (like these fun barstools!) to avoid a bland look.