How to Plan the Best Vacation Ever Using Instagram
August 15, 2017
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While meeting with a group of social media friends recently, we discussed how Instagram is our favorite platform for many reasons—from connecting to shopping to life hacks... but what I love most, is the plethora of travel inspiration. Did you know you can plan a pretty incredible vacay or honeymoon using Insta? It's true. Here are five ways to do it.

Create Custom Destination Collections

We've been enjoying Instagram's new save feature for months now, but did you know you can save posts to collections with custom names? Now, when your Instagram friends post about that incredible restaurant they ate at in Charleston or a lovely little café in Paris, you can save it to your Charleston collection or your Paris collection. Genius, right? Only problem is you might have a hard time fitting in allll the fabulous things you want to do!

Utilize the 'Places' Search

By utilizing the 'Places' search you can find what Instagram users are doing in that area right now. Sure, you might have to scroll a bit to find some gems, but you're sure to add a couple of fun to do's to your list. Also, if you search for a 'place', you can watch any destination's story for current happenings!

Post About Your Trip in Advance

Most people are usually happy to give recommendations if you ask a question on Instagram. Share a pretty picture (with credit!) of your destination or ask on your Instagram stories and you'll probably get at least a few replies from friends or followers who've visited the area before.

Local Instagram Accounts

Scope out your hotel, nearby restaurants, etc. by checking out their accounts on Instagram. You can even peek at their 'tagged' page to see what others have posted about during their visit.

Search by Hashtag

Sure, if you search #charleston you're going to get a TON of posts. So, try finding more specific hashtags for your destination like #charlestoneats or #charlestonharbor to narrow down your search. It's as simple as typing in your destination in the 'tag' search and scrolling the most popular tags.