Forget Netflix... This Master Bath is All About Bubbles, Wine and Chill
August 14, 2017
North America
We all have that one room that you just don't have the time, the money or maybe the gumption to tackle. And after 10 years of renovation, the home of Christina McKenzie was nearly complete... except for the 1990's era master bath; a.k.a that room. So you can say this space was 10 years in the making and you know what? It was so WORTH IT. The bathtub moment alone is enough to take your breath away. Take the full tour captured by Heidi Lau right here.
After living in our home for almost 10 years, the Master Bathroom was one of the last untouched rooms in the house. Everything else had had carpets ripped out, walls refinished, kitchen revamped, but the bathroom was a wasteland of 1990's builders grade garbage. A large strangely shaped room at approximately 11x10, it had (what we called) the cave shower, a large built in soaker tub surrounded by massive amounts of ugly tile, only one sink and a very poorly laid out design.
On top of it being severely ugly, it was very cold. So cold in fact, that I never used the bathroom, ever, unless I had to use the facilities in the middle of the night. Finally it was time to redesign and renovate the room. The plan was to fix the heating issue and re-insulate the entire room properly, add another sink, create a walk-in shower, add more lighting and make it pretty. My vision was that of old world Paris, a little flat's principle bathroom with a light filled room to prep for the day with all the modern conveniences.
I chose the wood look tile floor for practicality and for the warmth of the tones since I knew I wanted to keep the walls, fixtures and other tiles quite simple and classic. The design and criss-cross pattern, referred to as a "versaille floor" is similar to the all the back rooms of the Versaille Palace in France. 
The complimentary vintage mini hexagon look flooring for the shower was a great compliment to the wood tile, and the beveled subway tile is always classic.  All the fixtures are in a brushed nickel for softness and simplicity.
Dressing this pretty room was such a treat! I knew that I wanted to incorporate the golds and navy's because I just can't get enough of them. Simple linen drapery added softness behind the tub and was the first layer of texture in the room. The little rug used as the bath mat was the perfect blend of that "bo-ho" feel, but in navy added luxury. Hammam towels are my new favourite thing, light and easy to care for yet luxurious feeling.
The chair was one of those pieces I saw in my minds eye, and longed for that curvy back antique look. But every antique shop I found them at they were in the $200's, which as an accent to my bathroom, I just couldn't justify. One day when I stopped by my local re-store (where I found my pretty french doors - only $15!) I saw my chair!!! Only $20, and with a navy velvet to boot! Meant to be.
Koning Design helped to determine the proper space and layout for the shower that best suite the room, since we needed to borrow a little space from the walk-in closet behind it. Their knowledge and ability to see the layout and assist in this area was so worthwhile. They also worked completed all the plumbing work.
Thankfully, my contractor James from Capstone, has previously worked in insulation, so his knowledge of how to address the heating issues was so instrumental in all the hard work that went in behind the walls.
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Heidi Lau was kind enough to photograph the room for me and really captured the feel I was trying to create. The best part is that I get to use my space everyday, and it is not only beautiful but so much more functional.