This Shower Will Have You at First Glance of Its Custom Rosé Bar
August 9, 2017
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When you hale from the mighty city of Pittsburgh, and are tying the knot in the South, a "Steel Magnolias" themed shower is the perfect solution. Decorated with insanely cool lounges, bridesmaids in Show Me Your Mumu garb and a pink rainbow of blooms by Sea Lily, this shower brings beauty and whimsy to outdoor feting. But if we're being really honest, it had us at Custom Rosé Bar. See all the goodies that bar entails plus the full festivities with loads of pretty images by Sarah Jansson.
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Jess's Steel Magnolias Bridal Shower is a nod to our Steel Princess of Pittsburgh and her Southern wedding. The bride and groom are both originally from Pittsburg while the wedding will be in Hilton Head, South Carolina. The bridal shower was adorned with construction hat cookies, a construction hat veil, and hats for the guests to wear. The focal point of the shower was a custom rosé bar, where guests could add candy, strawberries, raspberries and floral ice cubes to their drink. The shower was set in Malibu, in an intimate lounge setting under the trees creating a whimsical and dreamy gathering. The signs on the tree represented Jess's favorite places and the distance each are from Los Angeles.