Transforming a Small Guest Bedroom Into a Whimsical Nursery Oasis
August 7, 2017
United States
For this guest bedroom turned nursery, the design expertise of Laurel & Wolf came into play to transform a narrow space into a whimsical oasis. Tranquil was at the top of the list for mama and blogger, Jessie, of How You Glow along with crafting a room that felt both spacious and cozy. The result is so sweet and happy. Tour the full transformation right here.
By now, it should come as no surprise that the state of our minds is directly related to the state of our spaces. Feeling scattered and stressed out? Well, your home is probably right there with you! Feeling like you're on top of the world? Chances are your home is in tip-top shape too. If anyone knows this principle be true, it's art therapist and yoga instructor Jessie De Lowe of the popular lifestyle blog, How You Glow.
Jessie recently enlisted the expertise of Laurel & Wolf Designer Ryen Conley to turn a blank space into a beautiful, glowing nursery for her new baby. When she found out she was pregnant, one of Jessie’s first orders of business was to create a tranquil place to bring her baby girl home to. Starting with the layout, Ryen suggested changing the placement of the bed, which provided “so much more space, completely opening up the room,” says Jessie.
Next, Ryen and Jessie moved on to the "star item" of the nursery -- the crib. With its clean lines, slim profile, and position in front of the blue plane-widows, the crib is definitely the focal point of the room and is the first thing you see when walking through the French doors. They kept the furniture clean and classic and brought a boho vibe in via textiles and decor, like a shibori throw on the bed and a Moroccan-inspired rug on the floor.
Before discovering that she was pregnant, Jessie admits that the space served as a guest room, but due to the focus being on other spaces in the home, the nursery hadn't yet reached its design potential. "We really never put much time or energy into making it special for some reason. Now the room has finally found its purpose and it makes us really excited," says Jessie.
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