5 Ways to Totally Personalize Your Bathroom Oasis
August 2, 2017
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Kendall Simmons is not only the Queen of Fab Kids' Rooms or the Purveyor of Perfect Wallpaper Moments but she also knows how to turn out a gorgeous bathroom. Read up on her 5 simple tips for infusing your personality into your bathroom design. And also how to elevate your bath soaking. That and so much more can be found captured by Catherine Truman right here.
This bright and airy Master Bathroom was created as an addition onto a classic 1950s ranch home in Nashville, TN. The house's existing bathrooms were exactly what you would expect from that era - cramped and dark, with pink and black tile! The homeowners were thrilled to not only add square footage, but also to start with a blank slate to create the exact oasis that they were dreaming of. As a young couple with a toddler, creating a Master Bath retreat was critical. We prioritized a beautiful soaking tub, as well as a generous shower. Special material splurges went a long way to make this room feel truly custom! The following are five great ways to personalize your bathroom design!

Choose your priorities. Make a list of the most important things you want in your bathroom. Do you love taking long, luxurious bubble baths? Great! Then you should make a beautiful soaking tub the centerpiece of your room. Or, maybe you're like me and would rather have an extra large shower with a nice seat and extra shower heads? Then make that the priority! Don't design your bathroom based on other people's wants or needs. These days you often see Master Bathroom designs with no tub at all for exactly this reason! I find that 2-3 priorities is the perfect number. You can also think of these items as your 'splurges.' For example, if you love marble tile more than anything in the world, carve out space in the budget for it, and downgrade something else that's less important to you to make up the difference!

Carve out space for a water closet. Try as hard as possible to create a separate space for a dedicated water closet (AKA toilet room). This one doesn't need much explanation! If you have 2 people sharing your bathroom, it goes without saying that the room functions 100 times better when the toilet is closed off from the rest of the bathroom.

Be realistic about how much storage you need. Really think through all of the items you'll want/need to store in your bathroom. Do you keep tons and tons of beauty products on hand, or are you a minimalist when it comes to bathroom supplies? If you're a product addict, make sure you're incorporating extra closed storage so that you don't have to look at it all on your countertop! Also, be specific about your storage needs. If you like to buy items that come in extra tall containers, make sure your vanity drawers are deep enough to hold them upright for easy access.

Add some details purely for personality. If you have an incredible collection of costume jewelry, put it on display! Hang a piece of sentimental artwork on the wall where you get to enjoy it. You start and end each day in your bathroom, so fill it with at least a few things that make you feel like you.

Bring in some bling. Whether it's over-the-top lighting, cabinet knobs, or a piece of accent furniture in a fun color, incorporate a detail that is eye-catching and beautiful in it's own right. The goal here is to make you stop, smile, and appreciate that special detail each and every time you see it!
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